Total # of kills should activate killstreaks

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this would be too easy. people would still camp. wont solve the problem. and it would make the game to easy imo.
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Since this would make the game friendlier to casuals I'm sure Treyarch is already on it.
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Another camping thread no mater how you title it..............just get over it and learn how to aim it might make it easier to kill them!
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if they simply keep the 3-5-7 killstreak i would have no problem with it. i dont care about getting an ac130 or chopper gunner or whatever. i can deal with a uav, airstrike/artillery, helicopter/dogs. thats just my opinion
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This is a pretty bad idea OVERALL. It would work great for TDM, but in any objective mode people would have even more excuses to "just go for kills." There would be even less people playing the gamemode and trying to accomplish the objective.

Kill streaks are fine how they are, and they should count towards your next streak as well.

Best suggestion yet was to have a structured kill streak setup, much like the built in classes. You can chose from a selection of predetermined 3 killstreak setups, and that is all.
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Yeah, this is a terrible idea. Know who this approach would reward? The person who charges the other team's spawn like an idiot over and over again in order to get his helicopter up, ultimately going 15-30 and losing the game for the rest of his team.

This general approach might work if instead every death resulted in a -1 to the running killcount (so that, in essence, players are rewarded for their K-D spread). But even then, there are a ton of secondary balance issues (when if ever do killcounts reset?, does this approach underpower low killcount rewards like UAV?, etc.) that would have to be addressed.

At the end of the day, I'm with the others who think that 3-5-7 (customizable) is probably the best idea going right now.
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this is a dumb idea getting ur killstreaks only once per match?

so i only get up to 6 UAVs a game

i sometimes get dogs 3 times in one match this makes noobs better and good players ALOT better makes no sense n dont see how this stops camping players still will play for ratio and try and die as little as possible to win

so yea bad idea
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there is a problem how someone can camp and get enough kills for a killstreak without doing anything and its annoying when you dont get kill streaks but you end up with like 20 kills anyway. but i dont like your idea because kills dont mean you have had a good game. and its easier for noos to get kill streaks. for example some one who has 20kills but 40 deaths, in my opinion, has had a crap game, but your saying he should be rewarded? also it would promote noob knifing and noob tubing and other noobish things where you get your self killed just to get a few kills.

i can imagine a load of noobs running around with an RPG and not caring if they kill themselves
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This would ruin CoD, killstreaks are the reason cod is so popular! Just make the gameplay balanced and fairer and not noob/casual friendly to 'people-that-want-to-piss-you-off' friendly. CoD4? You didn't really have to camp, and there was something called idle sway. Most things were balanced and actually 'played the game'.

IW is in last stand IMO. CoD4 is the only thing keeping it just alive... But CoD4 did get a lil boring, there was nothing else really to do. I'm just praying Treyarch dont go down Mw2's path. I'm waiting 150 on the edge of my seat praying to every god that its... good. Soz i got a lil off topic..
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