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Hey guys its me Dylan or Mr.Cr33p3rKill3r here and I have a theory about TranZit in Black Ops 2.

As you know they said Tranzit will be the "story" mode for Zombies, and as you've seen in the last 24hours on the forums, people are saying "Nacht Der Untoten" the first Zombie Map they made in World at War is in the TranZit world. As until I get my hands on the game or see it I will not believe it. But this could show kind of what they are trying with this story in tranzit. The fact they would put Nacht in there is to help explain the story and what happened what lead up to these actions,ect. And my theory is maybe in DLC with Add-On's to TranZit maybe they will bring parts of other maps back? I'd like to see a return to Five(I honestly didn't like five) but I mean with the new characters and/or The original gang going back to five(cut off not the exact same map).(Reason I say Five is because its a theory TranZit takes place in the US, and Five is the only US map in Zombies.

And in other words with Nacht being back You can tell Jimmy and everyone at Treyarch are trying to keep everyone excited, and into the story of Zombies. Due to the fact if Nacht is in TranZit it will mess with Tons of peoples theories of the storyline.

And i'd like to take this time to speak to the people who have seen the leaked gameplay and live streams(like myself) but who all are just smashing the gaming saying it sucks, its too small,ect. You don't know how small the survivial maps are,playing and watching a video are two different things. Now I understand the leaked gameplay from "Bus Stop" or whatever it is called. Where the dude opened one door and there was the mystery box, and it didnt move. I understand that, Trust me I was pretty freaked out and stuff. But even if some of the Survivial Maps are small and don't have stuff like perks doesn't make the game bad. What wasnt in Nacht in World at War? *Cough* Perks, Pack A Punch *Cough* You see what Treyarch is trying to do? They are trying to take Zombies Back to its roots, back to the style of Nacht when it was just a mini game you unlocked, and if you think that these small maps without the "Special" items on them are bad then GTFO, Your not a true follower of Zombies. True Zombie Slayers support Treyarch no matter what and support Zombies for that matter. Why you may ask? Because We love zombies, we love the story. Trust me there are 1,000's of Zombie Slayers here waiting for the 13th to get our hands on Zombies, and I for one am one of those people. I Know i'm going to love the crap out of Tranzit, I'm gonna feel at home with Survivial, and i'm gonna use them Money Bombs on Grief. Basically im trying to say, whatever is in zombies I will love it. If they shrink the maps, I love it. If they take away perks to give it a World at War Feel, I love it. If they wanna make it big like Ascension I love it. No matter what I will always love CoD zombies, I have since the day I beat World at War Campaign and played Zombies for the first time. And nothing will change that. Have a great day!

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