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I love black ops so much but there's one thing that pisses me off about Zombies. When i play Zombies by myself and when i find a game on the top of your Screen it always says "Migration Host...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9." "GAME LOBBY CLOSED" I don't know if its my connection or its your problem. When i play WaW zombies. No problem. Black Ops. Major Problem. So, when i play with my buddies. it dose the same. Can you guys PLEASE work on that? Thank you. Have a Great Day, Keep up the Great work Treyarch.
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ya it happens to me too i thought it was my connection to but its not and also if you have a guest and you berly turn on your 360 and go sraight to find match zombies it acts like you just got the game and you have to fix everything and when im still finding a match in the back ground you see the main menu screen and i control that but not the screen in front of zombies it happens every time its very annoying please fix and i know its not just my game cus it happened to a friend of mine too
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This happens too me too i can only play zombies with my friends and a private match

well It doesn't happen to me with the classic maps

but if i want to play Kino Der Toten or "FIVE"

it kicks me like that.
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