Treyarch Just Tell Us The Truth

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you gave us a shitty game because you want us to buy Xbox. so be it. at this point, i really dont care... here i am expecting this game to run as well as every other platform, but it clearly doesnt. just tell me its a piss poor made game, and i can enjoy my experience as my expectations of said experience will be lower.

just tell us, cause 3-4 months in, no one really cares how good or bad it is. you got us.
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Does it matter anymore?

In 2 months, this community will be down to MAYBE 20% of the players... We will all move on to something newer that actually works when you unwrap it

I seriously doubt that even a small % of the PS3 gamers out there, went and purchased a 360 due to ONE game being poorly made
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I think two Ps3ers did that. One in Siberia and the other was just born yesterday.
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