Unhandled exception solved!!!!!!

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Still stuck here after trying everything.

some of the mods could at least reply saying they are working on it rather than just keeping us in the dark eh?

Looks like buying WaW might have to wait for a bit, which is a shame
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MAD-BRITT wrote:


rakkasan2 wrote:


This is for users using windows XP, and realtek audio. Even if you're not using these specs, give it a try, it worked for me.

Go to the Control Panel> System> Go to the Hardware Tab and click "Device Manager".

Now, scroll down the list and find Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Then, right click and DISABLE "Unimode Half-Duplex Audio Device".

***If this works for you, bump the thread up so others can see it, as we've noticed there's little to no support thus far. I tried everything from Sound drivers, video updates, DX updates and this is what worked for me.

Happy Fragging!



Onboard Realtek HD audio

This worked for me. TYVM.
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MSG to all who preceeded in posting in this thread.

Sure its a nice game but dont worry, its just cod 4 with different eye candy, prolly not worth the frustration of resetting various bits of hardware and software. Better go for a long country walk with the GF, its better for you and you might even have more fun than you think.

I was one of the lucky ones, mine went without a glitch (and I have onboard realtek) but my son has same issue as most of you. He said today (after 3 days of trying) 'dont worry i prefer cod 2 was anyway'.

MSG to the devs.

1.to publish a game that will not run on machines using 16 bit audio is nothing short of ridiclous, so here I am to ridicule you about it. HAHA nooub!

2. What makes it easy to ridicule you is that you also published the same game with a total dependancy on d3dx9_37.dll and didnt think to package the file ingame. This is schoolboy programming right here and now.

3. Just so we all understand exactly what went wrong here..

the web definition of Beta release is 'A pre-shipping release of hardware or software that has gone through alpha test'. Who did the alpha test (http://uk.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=25529849)? Who chose the alpha testers and on what (hardware) criteria?..

So before you threw beta at the public this game has been approved for gameplay by a closed set of 'members' with no technical criteria.

Msg to all.

My prediction: This beta was released last week. These problems are being reported this week. The game is due (according to most sites) next week. Chances of final release on time and debugged..EPIC FAIL!
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