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No. You can't have my email. Sorry. I can barely keep track of the hundreds of emails I get everyday.

This is why we have forums. Dozens of ideas were directly or loosely inspired by message board posters. For example, the way we present scoreboards in-game, using score-per-minute and not straight up totals as the core sort key on leaderboards, and making objective icons transparent if you are looking at them, are just three really small examples of things we picked up in one form or another.

As always, posting on the message board isn't even remotely a guarentee we can or will use the suggestion directly or indirectly. In fact, did you know I can't legally solicit ideas. However, I can and will listen to your feedback. Especially so if it is a well-constructed, well-mannered, thread/post.

David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

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Why did you guys move away from Vehicles when developing Black Ops? Just wondering, because it was one of the last remaining factors that differentiated your games from IW's.he

Also, some of the outfits changed from the trailers to release, what caused that change?

I'll post my ideas on a new core gameplay system, well a twist, if anyone wants to discuss it. Just need sometime to get my thoughts together.

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I love Black Ops, favourite CoD yet, although we haven't had enough time with MW3 yet.

Scoreboard is amazing in Black Ops, please let that return, also SPM and combat record.. CAUSE I LOVE STATS

I would love just keeping it as it is with balancing, new maps, and maybe taking some ideas from MW3 e.g Specialist, objective/ destruction adds to pointstreak but I would rather not have support or at least nerf it a bit, so people can play without worrying about staying alive but wont destroy the other team with what they earn.

I trust you guys to make us a great game, dont let me down

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That's a really interesting bit of info right there, Mr. Vonderhaar.

I had no idea you couldn't leagally solicit ideas from people, but now that I know, I can understand why.

Personally, the only thing I can think of, is: In objective modes, like domination, it should only show stats based on the objective. E.G. Caps, defends, returns, plants, defuses.

Kills and deaths should be left off the scoreboard entirely.

If that's not possible, for one reason or another, then I have no qualms with how you guys did it in Black Ops. I liked that you guys showed how many caps I had.

Thanks for filling my online multiplayer slot last year. Looking forward to what you guys have in store for next time! Especially zombies!

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Can Wiggy have a contract named after him?

Previous "community managers" stated that the issue could be reviewed...

Wiggy would love a contract named after him.

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Knife as secondary please

Buff shotguns

No worthless guns such as the smgs with 20 rounds in a clip

I would like the maps to be about the size of highrise from MW2 or firing range

Kill streaks reset when you die.

CUAV to be a 5 kill streak so you cant spam it.

Attack helicopter wont go for the guy on the top of the score board or guys caping flags

300 points for a flag capture.

Not a lot of idol sway.

Local only search

Party system to be working from day one

Not a lot of quick scopers please

Strong pistols

Bad players get punished not rewarded with death streaks or second chance

When a guy takes 100 points of damage he is dead. No deathstreaks/second chance/martyrdom/new crap perk

Blackbird to be a 10 killstreak

Score board shots kills/deaths/flag caps/other objective

release details soon so you can have millions of people look for game breaking features instead of a team of x amount of people

If you join a game mid way through it dosnt effect your stats

Combat record was a great idea the top 5 guns was amazing

I hope you guys realise that as long as there is noobtubes this game will be hated on please remove them

Thank you

P.S Inifinty ward messed up by not watching the "flaws" in black ops and didn't fix anything. Watch what happens with MW3 and fix the flaws

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Please listen to what the community is saying about MW3, it seems like IW (and Sledgehammer and Raven) took two steps back in terms of what the community said about Black Ops. Those three things you mentioned are perfect examples of what you guys chose to intergrate into your game and IW did not.

No game is perfect and there will always be something that can be changed for the better, but for the love of god try to make lag a non-issue. Dedicated servers aren't even neccesary for a lag-free game, and it's the number one frustrating thing about CoD. I will accept any death that is my fault, if I can find one feasible explaination for a death then I am ok with it. The "curving bullets" and frame drops that happen when you're looking ADS are when I just get sick of the game and don't want to play it anymore (for both Black Ops and MW3).

I thought the damage ratio for the guns in Black Ops was fine, almost perfect actually, but the reason why certain guns (the AK-74u and Famas) felt overpowered was not because they preformed better but it was because you had less of a chance of dying due to lag if your gun shot faster than your enemies.

Just something to consider from a long time fan of the series.

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great game. only things i disliked about blackops was the Connection issues. Me on the PS3 had frame rate drops when there was too many explosions or killstreak called in such as Napalm on summit= Major lag. If this is fixed, then next treyarch game will be a must buy for me. Great job and congrats to David Vonderhaar and team.

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MW3 - Online lags, Spec Ops Missions lag, Spec Ops Survival lags. Hit detection sucks, I keep getting screwed over by lag. I keep getting screwed over by all the inconsistencies in the game, I shoot someone in the back 3 times & I get the kill, I shoot someone in the face 5 times and then they spray and kill me first! What the hell!

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1) Keep improving Theater Mode. MW3 took it a step back.

2) Diving = yes please.

3) Increase Customization (bring back emblems, pick outfits, etc)

4) Point streaks (yes, POINT streaks) that reset after earning last streak.

5) Flexible custom game type creation tool (maybe net based w/ download option?)

6) Completely remove Last Stand/Second Chance. No "It's a death streak now" or any BS like that.

7) Remove Grenade Launchers and all weapons like it. No Thumpers or China Lakes or (for the love of God) XM25s.

8) Keep Killstreaks the same as in BO, but maybe add a perk that will allow them to chain?

9) MOAB is a good point streak. Keep it or something equivalent?

And to combat the sniping debate: sniper bullets won't kill you (except for headshots), but being hit by a sniper will start to drain health unless you are tended to by a medic/use med kit/something equivalent?


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