Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

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My Twitter timeline is blowing up with commentary about the knife as a melee weapon and how being killed with it can be fustrating to players. We've thought about and discussed ALL of these and several others:

1. Get rid of the knife entirelly.

2. Get rid of the knife entirelly and return to using your gun to butt someone.

3. Make the knife something you have to equip before you can slash it.

4. Have guns do more damage at "melee knife ranges" so that if you need a single bullet or two to drop someone about to stab you.

5. Create a "Knife Vest" as a perk or similar that protects you.

6. Changing the tuning of the knife to do variable, or half, the damage it does right now

7. Do nothing. We already nerfed the melee lunge/attack range.

8. Do away with the melee lunge entirelly.

Did I miss any?

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Make it so that it is a 2 hit knife to the front of the player and a 1 hit knife to the back of the player and get rid of the lunge entirely. I think that is fair...if not, make it a secondary that you guys are asking the community though, that is AWESOME!

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How about having the Knife act as equipment, and if you don't have it equipped you do a two-hit kill melee with your gun?

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In my opinion it should be a combination of things. But to make this short, I would choose 3, 6 and 8.

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Pull knife out and it will be perfect. Takes away the rage

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i like #3, #6, and #8

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Make the knife like Battlefield where you have to be behind them for it to be a one hit kill and it has to be a stealth type kill, you have to put it away after using it, and it will go into a short animation upon the stealth kill so you're vulnerable for a second while using it.

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2 and or 8

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go back to the gun butt melee

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