Very bad graphics on Call of Duty Ghosts ps3, really bad. How to fix them?

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i tooked some pictures. as you can see they arent looking as an hd game. if you zoom you can see pixels. IMG-20140501-WA0008.jpgIMG-20140501-WA0006.jpgIMG-20140501-WA0007.jpg

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Considering some parts of the game look perfectly fine and other parts look bland I'm going to say it's textures. Particularly Riley's face looks like it's not fully rendered.

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in the picture its not totally as they seem to be, all parts are bad, yes its textures

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I also experienced that issue before and what I did was un-install the textures.

You can also try to use another TV and see if that would work.

Hope that helps!

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Hey adonis320. If the same game disc worked fine on your friend's Console and TV, you might want to check on your TV's specifications. It is possible that you're only using an HD ready TV and not an HDTV. Check on your TV manual for those details. And you might also want to have the console checked for maintenance as well.

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Well, we just had our television changed few fays ago and I was able to see the difference. The graphics depends on the television/monitor used and not on the console because they have the default settings for graphics, unlike PC that you have to buy a very good graphics card. It may not be also on the game since the game is created as it is, and it just caters the graphics need of the console it will be used on. So this might be on the television/monitor used. Basically, this has something to do with the resolution of your television.

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