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I red this book called World War 2 Prisoner's of War it talked about the U.S in German and Japanese POW camps

apparently the soldiers in German camps were much luckier then ones in Japanese camps..it talks about guys getting killed in death marches for the Japs and girls breaking up or divorcing their husbands while they are in camps. They showed a picture of a Jap officer holding a Chinese pow's decapitated head.. and the bleeding artery that was is neck. Also some japs weren't all bad there was one who commanded a group in a death march and he stopped the group for a rest every so often and the marines tried to pay him with watches or money but the Japanese guy didn't accept their offer cause he was a gentlemen like the marines. Another one helped this guy and had a bad accent and said "I'm moving to Holly wood gonna be big movie star and the marine the Japanese guy helped out said he would have certainly died without his help. Still haven't finished it yet it's 11 chapters long and I'm on chapter 3 but a very good book. There is a lot, lot more but i already typed a paragraph with only a bit of the info in that book
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U.S. Marine! wrote:


Band of Brothers

The Citezen Solider

The Marianas Turkey Shoot

Iwo Jima

Great book.
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