Was Quickscoping Really This Hated?

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I used to play Modern Warfare 2 religiously until a month before Black Ops was released. I never once heard anyone ever complain about quickscoping or watch any video ranting about it ever.

It seems like quickscoping was never hated until Treyarch announced they're getting rid of it. I myself didn't care, nor did I find anyone else that cared.

Is it really THIS hated now?
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Lol no its not, its just a small amount of people who will stop at nothing to try and ruin sniping in BO. The people i speak of are not snipers, and most likely have very little experience sniping. They are generally bad at sniping as well, therefore giving them reason to try to eliminate it. They will lie to get there way by saying it is is cheap and overpowered, yet another group of these people will say that it ruins the game because they are so bad and ineffective.

Which one is it anti-quickscopers, are quickscopers these unbeatable glitchers like you say they are, or are they the scourge of objective based games, who go 3-20 trying to making there next montage? I hear two completely different and contradicting opinions here, and they are both very prevalent at the moment, so please tell me what your next excuse to keep snipers gimped will be.
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Yes, you don't know the half of it.
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The reason nobody complained about it on MW2 is because the majority of people who played MW2 were the 9 year old quickscopers.

Thing is, it is overpowered. A gun that can excel in it's own range category and also beat guns in their range category (regardless of player skill) makes it overpowered. Shotguns can't get players from across the map, so why should snipers be effective at close range?

Before you say: 'You're just angry cause you can't quickscope', I've played Call of Duty since number two, where the Bolt Actions were the main weapons, so I think I know how to use one. Quickscoping isn't as hard as people seem to think. Countless times I've seen people say 'quickscoping takes skill' but now it's actually hard to do in Black Ops they want it changed... to make it easy.

Take into account the other guns on Black Ops, many have inconsistent recoil and take 3-5 bullets to kill. So really making snipers that can OHK in close range is really quite ridiculous.
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It looks completely stupid and fake. Plus, all the people that did it in Warfail 2 were 9 year olds who tried to smack talk and thought they were $00P3R 1337.
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Da Guy wrote:


It looks completely stupid and fake. Plus, all the people that did it in Warfail 2 were 9 year olds who tried to smack talk and thought they were $00P3R 1337.

So because there were younger people doing it, and because you think it looks dumb that is enough reason to completely gimp sniping? The only thing that needed to be done to stop the quickscoping was to remove SOH pro and that is it, there was no need to f@ck up the snipers even more.
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I really don't think it was "easy". Quick scoping was just people doing it to have fun. It didn't get as many kills as using an assault rifle, which was easier to use and killed in about the same amount of time(putting 3-5 shots took just slightly longer than aiming down your sights with a sniper and it caused aiming problems when your hit) to kill. To say that it's "over powered" is ridiculous when every other gun in the game would rape every thing(not literally ).
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