Weapon Mods(possibly a replacement for proficiencies)

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Weapon Mods(possibly a replacement for proficienci...

Hi. I remember when 3arc was all "This is my rifle this is my gun" in everyone's face and was proud to announce clan tags, reticles and all that jazz. It helped make weapons unique to the player. However, I'd like to take that one step further!

This idea could replace proficiencies. Weapon mods, unlike proficiencies, are NOT player based but rather gun based. If you pick up some random dudes AA-12, you do not get the Damage he had on it, only his Extended Mags. Mods would change that. Mods are built in things to drastically alter the gun. I like to call this "Mods" rather than "Proficiencies" because they act similar to unique weapons in Team Fortress, where there is a pro and a con. For example, if you opt for a mod to get increased stopping power, your capacity shrinks. Your 30 round AR now becomes 20 or 15. If you want your assault rifle to move like an SMG, you must forfeit some power. I think you get the idea. Here are some ideas I have:

  1. Increased Damage
  2. Increased Melee speed
  3. Increased mobility
  4. Increased range
  5. Decreased Kick
  6. Increased Rate of Fire
  7. Decreased Rate of Fire
  8. Increased weapon customization(three attachments)
  9. Super Infantry penetration(weapons actually does slightly increased damage to each person a bullet goes through, so if you hit two guys, the 2nd guy is almost guaranteed death(possibly sniper only?)

You get the drift. They all sound nice, but there is a slight trade off for them. Also, mods, like proficiencies, would be optional. You don't have to get one if you don't want to. I can't think of many balanced downsides because I'd like to keep this idea open for now, so Treyarch can implement their own ideas to this in case they like this idea.

Also, to keep the idea going that this is MY gun, Warlord restrictions should be eliminated, except for grenade launchers. In Black Ops I REALLY wanted akimbo+rapid fire on my Skorpions, or hell, even just Rapid fire and Extended Mags! Oh, and the CZ75 with Full auto and dual wield! Warlord really kept the options low for customization and I feel it really hurt it.

Thanks for listening!

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Re: Weapon Mods(possibly a replacement for profici...

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I agree with you mods point, like if it has kick - less recoil. the gun should fire slower is my take on it

Or something like that.

And i didn't think you got the prof of a weapon picked up i may be wrong though.

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Re: Weapon Mods(possibly a replacement for profici...

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Yeah you don't get other people's profs unfortunately, but with my idea, you would get it.

The main reason I like this idea is because mods enhance and change your weapon to suit what you like and are willing to sacrifice, but doesn't give you an edge. A person using an ACR with Kick is superior to you if you are using an ACR with no Kick because you just unlocked the gun.

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Re: Weapon Mods(possibly a replacement for profici...

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I like the idea, but I don't want thing that screw with weapon balance.

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