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OK, I know a video game can't be completely realistic, but hear me out. Many of the so called "cheap" or unfair problems from MW2, WaW, and so on could be easily resolved if the developers took a little time to research or consult others about weapons. People say that MW2 is so realistic, when in fact it is not realistic at all. Here is a list of just a few of the things that need to be fixed for Black Ops to make it better:

1. Weapon damage - the stat bars for each gun in MW2 are totally worthless. There are like 6 or 7 guns that all fire the .223 round, yet they all have different damage. Likewise, you cannot kill someone with one hit from a SCAR but you can with the M21 EBR, even though they fire the same round. Also, any headshot is going to be a one hit kill, even with a pistol although only snipers and shotguns can do this in the game.

2. Bullet drop - In real life, a bullet will drop considerable distance when fired at a long range. So you think its cheap that a sniper quick-scopes you from across the map? well, if they actually had to hold-over based on the distace then it wouldnt be a problem. also, everyone says tha the UMP-45 is so unbalanced. Well, considering that it fires the slow-moving .45 ACP round, it shouldnt be able to take accurate shots beyond 100 yards. In real life you would have to hold about 1.5 feet over someone at 100yds, 3 ft at 150 yds, and 5 ft at 200yds to hit where you want to.

3. Bullet penetration - FMJ as an attachment is really dumb because that is the type of ammo that is standard for most guns. Most Full Metal Jacket bullets will go through several layers of drywall, plywood, sheet-metal, etc. with a very minimal reduction in damage. For penetrating tougher materials, Steel Core ammo is needed. This will go through thicker walls, (brick walls, heavy wood doors, body armor, etc.) but will do less damage to a person because the bullet doen't espand. *also, why are cars impenetrable? everthing but the engine block is made of light metal that should be easily shot through in real life*

4. Other - there are many other realism problems: the barret(30 lb. gun) has a better mobility stat bar than the M4(10 lb. gun), the same set of attachments is available for every gun, the infamous "Models" cannot be dual-wielded which would have saved a lot of heartache. The list goes on.

The point is that a realistic game, in terms of weapons, will also be a fair and fun game.

I hope Treyarch takes this into consideration for Black Ops.
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Making the game too realistic would kill it. People would last 10 seconds if they where lucky. You do have a point for drop. Gravity should effect bullets the same as they do everything else in the game.
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i agree / like this
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yeah I totally agree. also, many guns had appearance issues, like the sights on the SCAR, Uzi, and Aug. Of course you dont want the game to be completely realistic, but at least somewhat
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If its realism you're after (like me) then you play on hardcore modes. That boosts the realism by a lot. Normal matches are just for fun, not neccesarily realism.
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