What does defcon 4 mean on the status update?

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So everyone is worried about defcon 4. I'm sad to say that defcon may mean you have been banned. But I heard that it was just a check up for everyone's account that looked weird. Hacking or what not. For one of my accounts black ops is working but for my other account it isn't. So I don't understand why it is doing this. I tried yesterday it didn't work. I tried today it didn't work, worked for my other account. Can someone give me an update of what they are doing

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I am experiencing the same problem, My account has been "banned" for no apparent reason, the problem ongoing since early yesterday through today.. and in the meantime I have been able to access a different account than my own that has successfully joined the B01 servers for XBOX Live multiplayer just fine.

I'm really confused and annoyed right now. I feel like I have been banned through no fault of my own, and there is no accountability coming from Activision Support with any explanation as to why.

But, then again, I'm sorta comforted in knowing I'm not the only person affected by this.

So, take it.

Hopefully this is fixed soon, or a statement is issued, or SOMETHING.



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im haveing same problem says server not available at this time but its at defcom 4

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