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Hello i play CoD4 on the xbox 360 me and my friends play it a lot but after the last update you put out for the networking f**ked it up bad

What happens is sometimes you see other players you try to kill them and it says your not even shooting them

Also its like they see you b4 you see them but yet on your screen your shoot them 1st........

When i host then i cant even do anything isnt that funny? Shouldnt i do better then others if im the host you wud think.

There are so many errors in this game now it sucks "YOU MOST FIX THE NETWORK ERRORS" to this game its just not fun anymore.

Team killing is so bad now too.

I can go on about other things but i wont then main thing is the Networking/Server to this game..

I have 25mbs internet so it is not my side and this also happening with my friends i play with.
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Tell InfinityWard. They did COD4 not Treyarch.
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tell infinityward
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I'm usually not an ass but you probably just suck. This belongs at forums.infinityward.com............wait...doesn't deserve to be there either. Please learn some grammar also.
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