What has to be done to win back the PC players

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Guys dedicated servers have already been confirmed


Skip to the end that's where he confirms it. Don't you just love his smile when he mentions the dedicated servers though? He's just like "F*** you IW"
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xXLtStrikeXx wrote:


What has the world become?!

There are more posts in the Wii section of these forums than on the PC section..

I know what you mean dude...i blame bungie for making consoles more popular then MLG for just being plain retarded lol
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To win back the PC players...(my hopes and many others as well )

For the competitive side

- Keep it on the base of COD4...

-Keep a few old guns in like (M40A3 and R700, AK M4 etc...)

-Include new - modern guns such as a magnum "AWP like" sniper rifle (bolt action)

-Don't include r_cull, as in WaW that failed miserably (able to remove most of the map)

-Have a strong anti-cheat system, that is updates regularly and a database of hackers with all their aliases, guid(s), ip(s) etc. (Able to be sorted by Country), and an in-built GUID-Checker ("Who is this guy who is walling me so hard?!", *GUID Searches* "Oh that cheater!!!!!!!!!" *Gets him banned off server*)

-Moddable (Which will happen)

-Dedicated servers (Which will happen)

For all the "Normal Mode players and Daddy Gamers"


-Killstreaks (Not 'OTT')

-Add 'decals to your gun' (Variation from a 'Skin mod' which some people do in cod4 at the moment)

-Add different clothing ( Can be too hard to do but still a good thing to think about for the future, changing military camoflauge, Adding goggles,tattoos (as shown in a trailer) sunglasses,boots, gloves...etc)

-Different hud's

-Skill level rating/User Profile Panel - Like 'PSR' in 'Heroes of Newerth' but it is based on experience (how many certain types of games played), Accuracy (With each gun), Preferred Perks, Titles (Like MW2 but not including stupid pictures), Favourite Guns (Most used gun, Least Used Gun), How many hours played (Who is the nerdiest on your team? o.o), A friend overlay ( Affiliate with 'Xfire' maybe? ), Events panel (Country/Area based, what tournaments/major matches are happening in your area?), more to add..

- Name Character Limit increased to 25 (Text gets smaller if it is too big for player's scoreboard, there are options to make it wide anyway in console.

-Import an Avatar, no inappropriate material.

Console Options:

-Exclusive mode option to concentrate your CPU and RAM performance on 'BlackOps'

-Able to remove unnecessary decals and little clutter on the ground (A smooth map effect like Counter-Strike) to increase FPS.

-All connection options available

-Many more "/rcon" tools available, PM users (with admin), a lot easier to access pbss' (I think you can set a logfile with pb but a better ss system would be good).

-Something to say this command isn't able to be changed , example - r_cull 1 (cmd locked) + what it does etc.

More to add if I think of it, but this is just something I put together with my knowledge base of what every gamer wants.
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The only thing that would stop me buying this game is if they try to impliment and on-going fee system "pay to play", there is simply not enough content in a FPS to justify Pay to Play.

If anyone mentions ongoing suppport as a means to justify ongoing fee's they need to be kicked in the balls, that would be like saying "I just bought a new car but every month I have to pay a thousand dollars to keep my warranty" It wouldn't happen, if you buy a product and it doesn't work you take it back and get refunded, not give them fifty bucks every week to fix it a little bit at a time.

I would think twice if they left out dedicated servers but to be honest mod tool's is way down on a "must" have list
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By remembering who got you to where your at today!!!!! ------->> PC GAMERS!

Just make a game FOR THE PC!!!!!! -------->> NO CONSOLE PORTS!

PC FIRST, consoles last!!!

Plain and simple!

>>> It's not rocket science! <<<
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