What new game modes would you like to see?

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One person on your team is a sniper, they have to kill the objective on the other team. The remaining players combat each other to take the other teams player out. Rounds or 4/5 minutes and a best of 7.

That's one of my ideas. What about you? And actually give us your whole idea, not oh well this and this....
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I like your idea. Hmm, lets see mine would be.

Keep away

- Is a Free-For-All, with an objective, besides killing. There is an 'item/object' in the middle of the map (Or a random spot.) And the objective is to hold it longer than anybody else. (By hold I dont meen stand there, & hold it down. I meen you can run around ETC with it.)
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some sort of hostage or rescue mode, were players on your team have to rescue a player who is held hostage, or something similar to that, your idea is good, one sniper has to take the other team out, while they are restricted to weapons they can pick up or something, like old school.
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Lol from MW2 I want Demolition but, I want a public private match gamemode called president.

One person from the defending team is the "President". He can only use a secondary and goes hides somewhere. The other players on the defending team is the "body guards". They attempt to protect the president at all cost they can use any gun.

The other team attempts to seek for the president and kill him. They can use any weapon.

Name: President

Time Limit: 10 min

Score limit: once defending team kills president or time runs out.
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I would image some sort of pow/hostage rescue game mode that resticts claymores and grenades obviously u need to maintain stealth but after u rescue the hostage or pow u need to return them to the extraction point as well to finish
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I want to see the return of base assault. It was in United Offensive and had a really interesting premise. Also, if Treyarch does add in vehicles, this would be a game mode that would put them to good use.
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1 Player needs to be taken on escort area.

His team members have to use those ready clases.

Enemy team trys to kill the player.

Enemy team can use custom class weapons.

If the enemy team is dead or player gets to the escort area the team wins.

They lose if the player dies or the time limit is reached: 1:30s
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Team Survivor: 15 min. Time Limit

Spawn Delay of 8-10 seconds. A team wins by eliminating all players on the map(entire enemy team is waiting for a respawn) or with most points if the time limit runs out.
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Search & Destroy without bombs.

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ficko88 wrote:



Search & Destroy without bombs.

Wouldnt Elimination, be a more accurate name.
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