Whats next in nazi zombies?

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Whats next in nazi zombies?

I have been wondering whats next in the nazi zombie story line? the only thing i have is after they blew up the earth they killed all the zombies on moon

theystudied griffen station then they found a rocket and went back to earth richtoven sends hordes of zombies after them and the story goes on and

sam kills richtoven and the zombie apoclypse is somewhat over. why somewhat? well the blew up the fricken earth

anyway my theory what going to happen in black ops 2 (or ironwolf whatever)

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Re: Whats next in nazi zombies?

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Well, I say that there are typically six frontiers to science fiction:


-Other Dimensions

-The Sea


-The Mind


My idea is that there would be a map about what is happening in Rictofen's mind. It was inspired by psyconauts and the line in Pareidolia "they're inside me, i'm inside out". Maybe I'll write down the idea for this map.

If you decide to create that before me, then make sure to give me some credit.

Or maybe Treyarch could just go back to making maps of different buildings and structures instead of trying to break a new frontier every time.

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Re: Whats next in nazi zombies?

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I think in the next game there should be a map on Mars. They could time travel back to the Jurassic era as well. That would be so much fun.

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Re: Whats next in nazi zombies?

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I was thinking maybe they could just do time travel and completely screw up the series, but it would allow Treyarch to make the game take place in historical eras (with modern weapons) so IW won't sue them again.

Or it could go for a turn for the worse. It could completely mess it up like Time Travel did to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series (but that made no sense anyway.)

But story doesn't really matter in a zombie game. Hell, Treyarch could put a speck of semen on a chair and suddenly every conspiracy theorist comes up with a crazy theory about the story.

Maybe I shouldn't say that, since I made the first "explanation for pareidolia" post. But these theories are ridiculous.

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