When will we learn not to trust anything these guys say

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When will we learn not to trust anything these guy...

How many times do we have to go thru this get a new game bo2 only to find the exact same things that were wrong in the past surface again ie having a six man party get into a game without losing any in the game or lagging out, lag lag lag, taking so much time to find a game, people lagging all over the screen you can't shoot them but they have no problem shooting you, This is getting really old here where these guys take everybodies money and there supposed to be smart in there developement of the game but the same dam problems occur every single time, What I don't understand is how they keep getting away with this by the time they fix everything that's wrong ie the game itself or cod elite a year has gone by and another one comes out I don't know about everybody else but this is getting really old now and all I keep hearing is patches or fixes are on there way but yet again it's the same dam problems over and over again you would have thought that these MORONS would have learned from the past but they haven't.

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