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White Fang is Recruiting for Xbox360

Hello all,

I'd like to personally invite everyone to come check out White Fang. We are an up and coming gaming clan that is currently focused on Call of Duty: Black Ops recruitment, and will eventually spread to other titles (including future CoD iterations). We are currently undergoing a restructure and need your help in making it the best gaming community it can be. Here's a breif history of White Fang.

White Fang as a clan has been seen in many different forms over the years. The clan was first founded by Will Denham in 2002 shortly after Xbox Live launched. The main game focus at the time was MechAssault. White Fang found it's niche inside the game after the first DLC update of the title which included a Capture the Flag gametype. At the time, there was one authority for gaming clans on the Xbox 360: Xbox Clan Wars. White Fang was soon ranked in the top clans on XCW for Capture the Flag on Mech Assault, and after the first season on the ladder they were ranked first. They held this title over the next two seasons, until everyone had eventually moved on to different games.

After moving on to what was hopped to be greener pastures, White Fang found itself fragmented across several titles. The sequel to Mech Assault was an obvious choice, even if it could not fully retain the magic of the original. The first Ghost Recon was another huge success, drawing White Fang into more members than ever.

The next big hit for White Fang would come with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The old flame that had burned with Mech Assault was ignited again, and a hunger to win would drive the clan back into competition status. Playing an array of gametypes from Search and Destroy to Team Deathmatch, White Fang found itself excelling in almost any mode.

With the desire to win, and the desire to meet new friends, White Fang is on track to reclaim the glory from the first days of Xbox Live. We're here to develop a community that our members can prosper in. An environment that our members can enjoy playing in. Most importantly of all, a place for people to call their own

We are currently looking for both competitive and casual members, regardless of skill level, to develop the community itself. We do have officer positions available as we determine the ranking system we want to structure our staff with. We can sue some help with everything from advertising and getting the word out there to simply singing up and flying our flag proudly.

We plan to host community events no less than once a week for our members, and things will get more and more involved as we continue to evolve.

Check us out online at www.JoinWF.com or www.white-fang.com

See you on the battlefield, and hope to fight beside you soon!
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Re: White Fang is Recruiting for Xbox360

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Sounds like an awesome clan but I'm already in one.

Best of luck for your clan guys!

- Napalm

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