Why cant i download the rezurrection map pack for xbox 360 ?

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Hello Treyarch And People Reading This.

I Am New To The Cod Website/Games And I Just Bought Call Of Duty: Black Ops And Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 I Downloaded All Map Pack's For black Ops 2 And When I Went To the Store To Buy The Rezurrection Map Pack This Message Popped Up

"Sorry, something went wrong. This isn't available for your region, or the file is corrupted, or we don't recognize the format.

Find more info by looking up status code 80150017 at www.xbox.com/errorhelp." I Tried The errorhelp But I Did not Work It Says Your Status Code Problem Is From You Trying To Open A Video And That's Wrong Im Trying To Download The Rezurrection Map Pack But If Treyarch Or The People Watching This Please Help Me I Never Played The Rezurrection Map Pack And I Wanna Try It Out.

Ps The Part Where It Says "This isn't available for your region" I Am From America Calafornia

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No one here will probably help you since this forum is mostly dead.

I can help you though. Send me a PM with all the details if I lose you.

Are you trying to download it from the in game store ? That should work.

thats unless you told the Xbox your account is from another country, make sure your location in the settings say US.

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Thank You So Much For Replying.

Yes I Am Trying To Download It From The Gamestore But It Did Not Work My Account Has An American Address And My Xbox 360 Locale Is On US On Language And Locale Settings. Please Reply Quick

PS IAmNewToCOD I Forgot The Password And I Made A New Account IAmNewToCOD2

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