Why do people hate campers?

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i play most dom,ctf, and demolition. Hiding on ur belly's to get a few kills is ridiculous, yes sure if its ctf and it's 2-2 and u have defend. Fine, but dont camp to camp. If your going to camp at all at least try to protect the objective, sometimes i play with randoms on dom and really how hard is it too keep two fucken points like a and b and give them c. Alot of new ppl on this game i guess and they don't seem to understand how this game works.
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Campers in TDM have no skill and are weak plain and simple. If you want to camp go play a mode other than TDM especially TDM hardcore. Now with that said lets define a camper: If you sit in a spot with a weapon other than a sniper rifle and shoot people as they go by then your a camper. It does not matter if you move to another corner after a few kills your still a camper. If your one of those people that get in the back of a spawn area and wait for people to spawn in your a camper. This does not mean I fell like you should run around aimlessly like a chicken with your head cut off be tactical check your corners, and clear your rooms its just hard to play and have a good time when every time your enter a room some no skill weak campers are camped up in the blind corners of a room to kill you at a fatal funnel. I am sure the campers will flame me for this post, but its just my two cents.
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can someone define a noobtube for me??


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Campers are lame and take the fun out of the game!!!!

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People who hate camping are usually the ones who get pissed because THEY want to run and gun, and expect everyone else to play the way they do. Sure, run and gun is fun (ha) but when you start building up a decent killstreak, you're alot safer behind a wall, or watching a doorway than running around the map.

Also, look at ACTUAL war. The U.S. Military doesn't run and gun. TECHNICALLY, they camp. Its a pretty good strategy. Especially in game, when you're making good kills with it.
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Exactly.  And as a new player the only way to get kills is to camp.  Most of the people online are at high levels with amazing guns and perks.  Can shoot you dead through a wall or while doing a backflip with one shot.  The only way to get kills and level up is to camp.  

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Apparently all of the people in the comments have a basic misunderstanding of what camping is and in which kinds of games it belings. 


CoD is not a tactical shooter. Okay maaaybe Ghosts, but every other one is a balls to the wall shootout game. It is intended for people to be running around shooting at everything that moves. When someone is camping, they’re not playing to the spirit of the game, and what many people effectively think should be the rules. 


Most people don’t care about their stats or how the team is doing, they just want to have fun and kill people. So that crap about TDM is completey irrelevant to most people. 


Now if it were a different kind of games where all the weapons were balanced to be realisticsand you actually had to take cover and all that stuff, then camping with a sniper rifle would be fine, because real sniper rifle are heavy and (usually) take a while to reload. Same thing with machine guns. But in games like this you can basically use a sniper rifle like a shotgun. 


To sum up, camping isn’t the game’s design or intention, and people who hate campers look at them as cowards because they are. 

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I hate campers so much because personally, I see the game as a mobility challenge, where if you can move around well and know the map, you can get a really good game in, this especially points towards games like BO3 and Infinite Warfare with the jetpacks and stuff. So when camping, what's the point of even having those features if you're gonna camp and stay still all game?

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