Why is everyone camping?

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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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summer holidays started last week.
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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they are moochs all they do is camp cause the dub xp
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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Because they're joysticks are broken, and the only the buttons work.
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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With the economy the way it is, camping is the only vacation that people can afford these days.

I have only been around this forum a handful of days and there have been more camper threads on here than times I have been killed by campers.

Personally, I find the camper vs rusher match-up to be an interesting side game to the main game. You get to match weapons, tactics, skill and brains with an opponent who knows that someone is coming to get them. A little 1 vs 1 action.

Make it a fun part of your game or ignore them, but they aren't going away.
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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cy7s wrote:


twin_uzis wrote:


It's a known fact that camping is a tactic employed out of necessity by those who can't get a kill any other way. You shouldn't hate these people, you should pity them.

Think of it this way. Getting kills is like making money, and they can't make money. So, they're they're broke and homeless, and they live in that little corner. Camping out, if you will, because they have no home. And although people hate the homeless, theirs is a hard lot.

They have it worse than you think.

They also smell really bad and are generally really stupid, so that doesn't help.

it is a known fact that campers regularly own you based on this statement, you dont see people getting so mad at noobs who run around

Coz the running noobs feeds THEM kills...

With campers it's the other way around then THEY feed the CAMPERS kills ... and that unfair, everyone knows that..
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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twin_uzis you are a complete idiot. You really need to get over yourself!!!!!

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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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Spur4 wrote:


jack360 wrote:


AxePhoenix93 wrote:


A few things

1. You only notic the ghost campers

2. Somehow you fail to kill them

3. Objective games modes need campers to defend flags/bombs

I cant kill them because there either lying down using a head glitch or they hide in another corner, and of course i notice the ghost campers becuase i only get killed by the ghost campers, and i understand for objectives thats fair enough but for teamdeathmatch and the whole enemy team is camping its just ridiculous

First point:

Grenades are very useful.

Second point:

Tactical Grenades are also very useful.

Third point:

Hacker is very useful.

Fourth point:

Don't just run around like a headless chicken.

Fifth point:

Quit relying on your mini map

Sixth point:

Watch the killcam.

Seventh point:

People complain about Ghost, even when there isn't a radar up. I call these people idiots.

Eighth point:

"Ghost campers" aren't the only campers who kill you, you can quit lying about it. Camping happens in every game. Deal with it.

If you can follow most of these points, I promise that your skill level will increase and "ghost campers" won't be a problem anymore. If you can't deal with a player using Ghost, you are very bad at this game.

killcams are cheap after u die from them in Call of duty gay ops. u can watch 5 more seconds where they are its not fair cuz the person who dies has a advangted to kill him.
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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Andy Li78 wrote:


Agreed campers are pussys! Since Im not prestiging anymore I make my own game out of it. One I see you camping I hunt you down the rest of the match.

This is why I end up at the top of the leaderboard everytime I camp.

I do even better when there are multiple players on the team who think the same way. Never use explosives, never use tactical grenades, and never pay attention. Keep coming to the same spot, but don't get mad when you found out I just switched my position and outplayed you once again.
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Re: Why is everyone camping?

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every game of hardcore ive ever played was full of campers thats why i stick to core sitting in a corner with the spaz watching the door is not my idea of fun.
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