Will you get MW3 for XBOX 360 or PS3? Tell us why.

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Are you planning to get the DLC on PS3 as well?

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Undecided at this point. If I feel the quality is high (which it likely will be), I may purchase it for both like it did with Black Ops.

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ok, it'd be a shame to not get the HE for PS3 if you were sure you'd eventuallly get all the DLC as well.

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I'll get it for PS3, not sure if I'll get the Hardened Edition as I'm not sure if I'll keep playing it long enough to benefit from all the DLC.

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Me, personally, the only reason Im getting it for Ps3 is because I only have a Ps3, not an Xbox 360. There is no difference between Mw3 for Ps3 or Mw3 for Xbox.

(Ps3 is better than Xbox )

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How can you say that when you don't even own a 360?

I will be getting it for the 360 because COD has favoured the xbox 360 for the last couple of years. Patches earlier, DLC earlier, party chat, and most of my friends are on 360.

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PS3 why, because I'm stupid

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I'll get it for PS3 because it's the only current-gen console I have.

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I've pre-ordered 3 copies of Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition. I have 2 PS3s and 1 Xbox. I can't wait for MW3!!!

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