Will you get MW3 for XBOX 360 or PS3? Tell us why.

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Hello folks,

So, I started this thread because I'm curious, and worried.

I'm worried because I don't know if I should get MW3 for XBOX 360 or PS3 because I don't know if Activision and IW will soon be supporting XBOX 360 and "forget" about PS3, like Activision and Treyarch did with BLOPS.

I might get it for XBOX 360 since I know a lot of  XBOX 360 users from Youtube and Twitter.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think, and what will be your choice


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On which platform do you've the most friends to play with?
Do you want to wait a month longer on dlc or not?
Maybe these 2 questions can help you out.

Myself will get it for xbox because I only own that.

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I only have a XBOX 360 so it's obvious I'm buying it for the XBOX 360.

In your situation, I'll go for the console where you're most likely to play with friends online. I'm sure IW won't make the same mistakes as Treyarch when it comes to performance issues for PS3.

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I'll be getting it on the PS3, because I don't own a 360, and don't want one.

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Ill be buying it on both systems.

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In my personal opinion, Xbox 360 all the way.

Just from past experience it feels as though the community on Live feels more open and connected, you've got Inside Xbox, IGN, etc. When you go into a lobby there is always someone with a mic either trashtalking or willing to team-up. Whereas on the contrary, my experience with PS3 has been rather cold and lonely, not a lot of people with mics' no Inside Xbox, etc.

In my opinion you should go for Xbox 360, even the triggers on the box just feel natural.

Note: My opinion may be biased though...

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I'm gonna get it for Wii like a boss.

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I will get it on the XBOX 360.

1. Its always better on Xbox 360

2. All my friends will be playing it

3. I dont have a PS3

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I'll be buying it for PS3, because I have a PS3.

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As it stands, I'm planning to pick up the Hardened Edition for Xbox 360 and Standard Edition for PlayStation 3 on day one.

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