Will you get MW3 for XBOX 360 or PS3? Tell us why.

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I preordered ps3 Hardened. No Doubt mw3 is going to be a great game, even if it is a LOT like mw2. Though I do agree, its a shame to see how much CoD favors XboX. Ps3 is a WAY better console, better graphics, better controller, everything. XBox's pay network isnt any less laggy than ps3's free one either, but yet they still favor xbox. If I end up paying for Elite it will ONLY be if IW stops this favoring the XboX bs and gives ALL its paying customers DLC at the same time, and ALL of the same content. The XboX even gets extra things for preordering hardened edition, Ps3 does not! how friggin lame is that??? We Just got Treyarch'd.

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360 because ive just sold my ps3

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PS3 because I can't see myself owning a Xbox. Never had one, only PS's

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Xbox 360. Why? Because Im getting the limited edition xbox. I like my FPS games to be niiiiice and Xbox-y.

Truth of it all, I prefer the xbox controller for FPS games.

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Xbox 360.  The number of friends I have on the Xbox 360 vastly outnumbers those on the PS3.

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360 because:

Bigger gaming community

DLC seems to come out earlier or exclusively only on it

Already paying for the XBL so might as well get use out of it

Lastly, still don't trust PSN after all that crap with their security this past year

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360 all the way.  No hacks so far so no reason to support hack prone Playstation.

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Both. To pwn play with both communities.

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I will also be getting it for both. Also getting a mw3 xbox to go with my mw2 xbox. Smiley Happy

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Xbox 360 becaaaaauuuuuse:

1. It's my primary gaming platform

2. Has the biggest online community (including 95% of my friends)

3. Controller is 10^1000x better than the dualshock 3

4. Earlier DLC

5. Xbox > PS3
6. Trollolol

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