Will you get MW3 for XBOX 360 or PS3? Tell us why.

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360 because.. I have a 360.

I almost had a PS3 at one point but I returned it and got a new computer because mine caught on fire

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I'm going with XBOX 360 due to me having one. Luckily I believe that the game is more now created for XBOX 360. The specs on it look, play, and feel better than on a 360 than a PS3. At COD XP what did everyone get to play MW3 on? XBOX 360... I also love the 360 > PS3 due to the fact that XBOX Live is far more superior than PS3 Online....

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I'll be getting it for PS3 as I do not own an Xbox - Infinity Ward always does a good job of providing an equal experience to all platforms - as we all know Black Ops didn't run properly on the PS3.

Can't wait to get back to a smooth 60 FPS. 

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def ps3, even if it wasnt the only one i had.

free online-those rather useless features live gives you arent worth $60 a year, and i could care less about month early maps. thats just how it is, you get early content and we get exclusive games & blu-ray.

controller-yes those triggers are nice, but i hate everything else about it. its heavy which just reminds me im playing a video game and lol all you want, but it breaks my immersion. but worst of all is the one nipple higher than the other, it just feels wrong to use, i mean whos idea was that exactly?

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Xbox 360 because I own it.

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Let's see: I own a 360 (PS3 as well, but just for Blurays and watching dust grow); I like getting my DLC 1st; I like knowing that in the 5 years I've owned the 360, Live has only crashed once, & it only lasted 2 days (knock on wood); the 360 seems to get better service from cod makers; and Hitler invented PSN, and I don't support Hitler.

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I will be getting it for PS3. This is because I only own a PS3. I like owning a reliable console. I had 4 360s RROD on me so I swapped to PS3 and never looked back. Now if I had both consoles I would definitely get MW3 for 360 due to getting content first. MW3 and Gears would be the only games I would play on it.

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Purchase the game where you have the most friends. Locking. This will turn into a console war.

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