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X-Men Phone-ins Wolverine


Well, not that anything could spoil this movie.

So what do we know?

Emma Frost line was removed from the rated commercials (vs this film not yet rated).


Apparently, her commercial appearance is her entire appearance for the film. Oops.

Logan gets another name.

The speculation of Logan as a first or last name (or both) is over (again).

Marvel has always waffled on Wolverine. His stats go from 5'2" to 5'9" (most male superheroes are 6+) and 175lbs to nearly 700lbs. There have been several first names, mostly James and John, but Mr. Logan has been a very common reference. Mr. Logan could be a (chielfy southern) polite form of address for someone with a first name of Logan.

The first-look teasers and imdb have revealed: James Howlett

Unfortunately, Sabertooth is his real brother in this movie and still named Victor Creed.So we have John Howlett, Thomas Logan, Victor "Dog" Creed, and more confusion.

Sabertooth is different.

Different actor. Different look. Different powers. He's no longer the mute sidekick.

Bone claws.

Wolverine's claws were bionic implants. They were often utilized when the X-men lost their powers, say on visits to the Savage Land. Since they've made adamantium magnetic, and Magneto a master of all metals, ferrous or not, in one timeline, Magneto remove all the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton revealing bone claws. There is still no explanation how the knobby bone claws become precision knife blades.

Wolverine in not canadien.

He says he is, but he isn't. There is no Alpha Flight.

There is no Omega Red

Even after the practice with Doc Ock in Spiderman 2, Omega Red was written out of the movie. He's not PC anymore, anyway.

Gambit has telekinesis and a magic staff

Gambit's power is to charge items. These items tend to go boom. While he has been seen to charge his staff occasionally, it shouldn't survive the process.

He throws cards (which can be done), they do not levitate and spiral around.

Cyclops can be defeated by normal sunglasses.

So, when Jubilee swapped his ruby-lensed special glasses with a pair of Foster Grants and he destroyed half the mansion, they didn't work. Oh, well.

Storm isn't African.

She's still black, but she's not longer the weather witch for a small tribe.

Silver Fox

Kayla Silverfox? Any relation?
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