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Hello Fellow Gamers,

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Jason, AKA {XTM}GeneralClean. I'm 31 and play several different FPS games. I'm the founder and Leader of Xtreme Tactical Militia. {XTM} for short.

Now let me tell you a few things about our clan starting with the past.

We were founded on May 21 2006. I started this clan in hopes to make some new online buddies that also liked to play FPS games. I also wanted to put a clan together so I wouldn't have to lone wolf it anymore. So I searched different clans online to gather ideas of what worked and what doesn't. I did 3 months worth of researching before I even put this clan online. I wanted everything to run smoothly and organized.

Presently, we are a smaller/medium group of friends and family that are playing COD4 and COD:WW as our main games, but we also do play Bf2, BF2142 and several other FPS games for the PC. We are mostly older but have a few mature younger players. The most important thing to our clan is to have fun. We don't recruit on skill but how well we all get along. We mostly game in the evenings and all weekend long. Our player base stretches from Texas, Wisconsin and California to name a few. We currently don't have any game servers but do frequent other clan servers out there.. We do have a 30 slot Ventrilo server that we use for our voice communication.

Now that you have read this far, you might ask yourself, past, present, what about the future? Well, the future isn't here. But I can tell you that we will be! We've been through many ups and down in the clan but we are still here! We've had some of our members actually leave to start their own clan. Their clans failed quickly. But yet we are still here! Our clan has very strong leader/s that just don't know how to quit. So if you like what you've read and want a clan with time and experience under it's belt and will be here for along time to come, then give us a chance! What do you have to lose?

So if you are 12-17 for our "Young Militia" and 18 or older for our "Senior Militia", just go to www.xtmclan.com and register on our site. Have a look around and if you like what you see then click on the "Join Us" logo on the left. Make sure you include your XFire user-name so we may easily get in contact with you. You may also jump onto our Ventrilo if you want @ . Everyone is welcome as long as you behave yourself!

What We Have To Offer

1: Friendly Family Atmosphere

2: Dedicated Leadership Personal

3: Game Server For The Main Clan Game/(s)

4: Ventrilo Voice Server

5: Ranking System

6: In-Clan Tournaments

7: Ribbons and Medals Awarded. (Actual medals sent to clan members, not just virtual medals)

8: Democracy Ran Clan System

9: Our Own Clan Merchandise With Our Logo

Well thanks for your time and consideration. Now carry on!

For your convenience you can download XFire at www.xfire.com and the Ventrilo client at www.ventrilo.com.

Or you may add us to your Xfire if you like:

Founder/Leader- generalcleanx

Public Relations- cdntango7

Head of Security- skidog223


Server Listing

Modern Warfare 2 Server ~ Coming Soon

BF Bad Company 2 Server ~ Coming Soon

Battlefield 3 Server ~ Coming Soon

Ventrilo Server ~
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I am looking for people that have admin skills or anyone who wants to be an admin for the clan. Even if you are just interested in just joining us check us out. www.xtmclan.com
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