Zombie headhunter option? Help!!! Ps3... Zombiex? Nuketown 2025.

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Zombie headhunter option? Help!!! Ps3... Zombiex? ...

I purchased season pass for COD2. Downloaded last night & on menus I do not have nuketown 2025 like I did before I purchased season pass. It now says bonus for nuketown. But my understanding there's an option for nuketown zombies that allows you to be the hunter or zombie. I can't find the menu option in nuketown. It just lets u play as regular players. Is this an only Xbox option? Also, I don't understand why my menu changed from saying nuketown 2025, to only having "bonus" moshpit.?? So as goes, under playlists it has CORE-HARDCORE-COMBAT TRAINING-PARTY GAMES-BONUS-REVOLUTION. Under bonus selection all I have is CHAOS MOSHPIT.  But before it used to have NUKETOWN 2025 instead of BONUS. I'm confused.

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