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Seriously considering throwing out all my copies of call of duty, and never playing a treyarch or Activision game again, everyone on top of the leaderboards either used glitches or hacking, and since the game keeps getting patched so none can even get close to the highest round anymore, I'm a real gamer and I've been playing video games all my life, obviously they purposely put those glitches like the death machine in the game so that these cheaters like, obesity and lag, can get up on the boards then once they are up there collecting all the fame and glory, the glitch gets patched, so no one else can get up there, I don't care what u say I'm a die hard zombie player and there is no way anyone could get to round 255 without cheating, so I'm just gonna be done unless they reset the boards now that all the glitches are fixed, bitch and moan all u want about having to get your high of 30 again my highest so far is 55 without cheating and that's only cuz the game glitched out wile trying to kill the panzers on that round, I am for a leaderboard rest because I'm a real gamer and a real player, or they could just put the glitches back in to give everyone the feeling of being a god, or erase the cheaters from the board, if your a real gamer u will be for a board rest fora chance or really seeing who's the best. Otherwise u a little baby with your glitching and hacking, I never even got to try the death machine glitch before it was patched, just really don't even see the point in trying anymore I'm sick of trying to compete with hackers and glitches like your not even really good if that's how u do it and u need to be shamed for it.


So in short either put the glitches back or reset the leaderboards, either way I'd be happy as a paying customer, to have a fair chance of being on top of that board

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Right lmfao , its like oh so you made it to round 255 and only killed 3069 zombies.... Bull***** ...they should review the top 100 and glitchers and cheaters should be removed..
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Lmfao bro you do realize kill totals reset to 0 every 65,335 kills right? The 255 no jug game was completely legitimate stop being salty because someone is better than you.

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Yes, but on the leaderboards there are players that have 114,000 kills, and also players with 14 kills. The kill counter does not actually reset when the game is put onto the leaderboards, evident due to the fact that many players have gotten over 100,000 kills in one game.

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