account deactivated, cant reply or post..

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ok so my main account was deactivated, its been awile since i used this site n i was wondering if it could be reactivated the account name is geckogaming. if it cant be reactivated thats fine.

Now the main problem is that since my account was deactivated i cant even view the forums it says that i dont have access. so i made a new account, everything was working fine untill i tried logging back in later that day. to my surprise i couldnt reply to or post any new msgs.

YET AGAIN i made a new account i made a post asking why i couldnt reply or post. logged out to go and run some errands. came back and yet again i couldnt reply or post.. i did some searching and lots of other people had the same problem. some said refreshing helped, some said clearing your cache helped. i even changed browsers and none of the solutions worked for me. 

So here i am again on YET AGAIN a new account trying to figure out why the fuck this forum is so fucked up. Why cant i post or reply to msgs? Does this forum even have a customer support number? because i havent found one. this problem needs fixed and fixed immediately...

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