bayonets. yay or nay?

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Commando was unfair because it was a perk 3 and was near instant. Bayonets took up an all-important attachment and were fairly slow.
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Yes! and bring back bi-pods (FIX THEM FIRST). I would really like it if knives were equipment, you could choose between the normal knife that would double as a bayonet and a bowie knife the you could melee and throw. If you didn't have a knife as equipment, then you could bash them with your rifle, it would be a 2hk in the front and one if you got them from behind.
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play2often wrote:


the bayonets in world at war were considered to be fair by most, they took up an attachment on your weapon and it was way fairer that commando. they existed for the m16 and ak series of rifle.

what would your opinions be if they were in the game? campaign or multiplayer?

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Better then a 20 foot lunging soldier who can resist bullets and swipe the air around and/or behind you with a knife and kill you...
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I fully support bayonets in this game. I remember that back in W@W they were pretty balanced in that although it gave you a longer stabbing range it was somewhat slow and if you missed your chances of getting killed go straight up (trust me on that one). Overall a welcomed re-addition to the CoD armory.
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the bayonet on my trenchy blew people up too. ooooooh yeah.... all the blood.
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I would way rather see bayonets in COD:BO than Commando. Actually I would rather not see either!
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Are you kiddin' me "fits the time frame" they still have bayonets today, its the m9 combat knife for U.S. forces. Read more! anyways yes way better than commando. BTW they had it for more than those 2 ARs too.
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yes as long as it takes up a perk slot and not as far as commando
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