berlin wall red zone??????????????

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what the hell is the point of it? in the dlc trailer one of the guys clearly states that it can be used as a short cut but you run the risk of getting shot which is fair enough but ive been in a private match testing it out and its absolutly impossible to get accross even with marathon lightweight and an smg so again i ask whats the point???

also does ghost get you across there?

i havent tested it yet but i have a feeling that if 3 people ran across at once that 1 maybe 2 would make it but on your own its not difficult its totaly impossible.
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use smoke and you will be fine
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for real?

i will give it a go
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True that, I got past using smoke + lightweight/marathon/SMG.
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Not to brag but I got across with two people and we both survived. One person runs in ( from the narrow path that divides the two red zones) and they move back and forth under the turrets. Then the other person runs across.
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Vahn said smoke has no effect.

Ghost + LWT/Marathon will
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Lol Ghost imba and OP
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