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it's not going to be based on the cold war. god, that would be the most boring game ever. haven't you people paid any attention in History class? it's called the "cold" war for a reason. Not much happened! mostly to describe the tension between the United States and Russia after WW2.

and I heard that warfare 2 legally has to use the title "Call of Duty". So don't be surprised...

If that is true, Thats lame. Because, Treyarch is obviously obsessed with past wars.. With the guns they used, what happened and blah, blah. IW, then comes out with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, involving todays type of war.. I'm guessing to make the Call of Duty franchise upbeat & fresh. Then, Treyarch smacks them on the ass and makes inyet, another 'old skool', war game. So, it wouldn't make sense if, IW has to keep the "Call of Duty" label on their game. Switching back to back, of wars gets kind've frustrating. So, hopefully IW will rebel from the "Call of Duty" name. Well, I hope so anyway.
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u know there wasnt much fighting in the cold war, thats why it was called the cold war, so i dont think it would make a very good game, but for the love of hot sweaty lesbien sex do NOT make another ww2 game
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I would play it...
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