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just installed the game today, and everytime i go into multiplayer it asks to create a profile. so i put in a name to use, even try to have it match my info on here. no luck, it just goes back as if i pressed cancel or back or something. any suggestions or fixes. btw i'm running on v1.5
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Does it give a punkbuster message?

When it goes through the questions, press cancel, or any similar commands, until ur in the codwaw multiplayer home screen. Go options, and in one of the categories, it should say whether or not to have punkbuster on.

Also, go here

and dload the appropriate file. Its self-explanatory, and it update ur pb manually. Lots of net cafes ive been to have this problem.
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I have just solved this problem for a mate , who has vista, go to start/control panel , then type UAC in the search box at the top, turn off UAC and restart your computer , now finally you can play online !!! well it worked for him anyway
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hey i have the same problem but i cant get it working. have xp running if that have something to say. please answer quick
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