easter eggs in zombies

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easter eggs in zombies

um so yea the so called easter eggs in zombies like kino and der reise dont do ANYTHING. its seems the onli map that it does something on is moon. we do the easter eggs but then othing happens we dont get a special weapon or unlimited ammo or anything, so why have these things in the zombie maps? they are pointless. ive shot the radios and made the paintings talk and pack a punched certain weapons played hide and seek blew up monkeys and played the songs? wheres mi reward? im just saying. FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE by searching princeshorty10

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Re: easter eggs in zombies

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easer eggs in COTD and Shangri-La get you achievements, and in COTD you get the wonderwafle and in shangri-la you get all the perks. and the songs are the reward for those little easter eggs.

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