end glitchers now

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i want to make the high scores fair again, we could easily change the rules so that any 1 player over a cartain amount of rounds would not be let onto the high scores, lets face it glitches are on the high scores are obvios.

on the ps3 one man getting past round 100, while everyone else is stuck with four other people not getting past round 35.

who is with me, remove the one man high rounds?
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yeah totally, theres no competition now if all the glitchers are winning on xbox there are 1700 ppl glitching they got 1 man from round 60 to 8000 :/, on verukt I could get to round 45 with 3 or 4 ppl no glitching, on shi no numa current record is 24 no glitching 4 ppl
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