ghost multiplayer unfair and/or inaccurate

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ghost multiplayer unfair and/or inaccurate

Hello everyone, I almost never make the time to get on  forums and make a complement or complaint.. With that said, I'm sick of COD!!  I've been along time fan of COD however the more I play the less I like it. I'm hoping someone in the company is listing.  I've watched severe youtube videos of other gamers and all have their own theory.  At this point I agree with Woody and think that is the same game as its always been.  However I've put in enough hours of COD to realize that I'm getting ripped off..  I don't mean by money but I never play a multiplayer match and think the game was fair.  Sometimes its in my favor but mostly it feels like it against me...  I play on the PS and have bought every game and add on COD has ever made except Ghost (I have the game but refuse to buy and DLC..  I bought into the dedicated servers Ghost was supposed to have.  I'm done with COD and I wish Activision, until they fix the multiplayer.  I'm sick of being in a match (not hard core) and dying in one shot with a gun I have to shoot someone with no less than 3 and usually 6 times.. I watch the kill cam and it usually shows the person shooting me several times however that is not what I see while playing the game.  More and more I find that I pay attention to the complete match (mini map and surrounds) and while waiting for someone to walk through a doorway that I know they are about to come through I simply die.  I'm there waiting zoomed in on the doorway (without some cheat they cannot know I'm there) and I die.  Not even getting a shot off.. After watching the kill cam the game says I simply didn't shot.  However in realtime there was nothing to shoot.. The game is really pissing me off.  I've been a fool!!!  For several COD's now I thought that I was doing something wrong or a bad player..  Curse me or agree with me I don't care.  I simply hope that COD and Activision are listening and hear my voice..  I will not purchase another COD or DLC again until the online is fair!!  My wishes are that you fix it but at this point I'm wasting my time trying to get better at game that was never fair in the first place!!  Sincerely Nookie

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Re: ghost multiplayer unfair and/or inaccurate

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Hey dude. I read and understand that and sometimes I know that there are glitches and cheaters and hackers in the game that is why the game is ruined and lost its sense of a good play time. However, in my end, I got to enjoy the game in some ways. I hope you to See you in game some time.

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