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ok the christmas noobs made me feel loads better but i still have a few concerns, today my ENTIRE team dropped out and it was me vs 4 other ok had these players been veteran players i would have left but all 4 were between lvl 22 and 20 and i was wrecking them......WHY DIDNT THE GAME END?? WTF?? me vs 4? nobody else dropped into the lobby the ENTIRE MATCH!! when my team quit the score was 800 to 800

timer RAN OUT!! final score was like 2400 to 2300......i been on a team vs 1 game aswell and it was BORING chasing 1 GUY THE ENTIRE MATCH!!!!

second chance? if u dont get rid of it ATLEAST AWARD ME THE KILL IF MY TEAM MATE FINISH THEM OFF!! i got 14+ assist in 5 matches in a row

hit i give up on this just tired of getting assist points when i gotta unload an entire clip into a second chance guy only for a team mate to shoot 2 bulletts and get the kill, how is that fair??

last issue.....why do i earn 12k+ points in a match then the match suddenly disconnected and i LOSE ALL MY POINTS...over and over the same crap.

please do something, wasting 15 mins only to not gain points is really starting to make me not play
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All very legit points.

The hit detection is awful.

When a team drops to a single player, there should be a 30 second countdown and if no one drops in, whoever has more points wins.
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