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Having put dozens, if not hundreds, of hours into Oblivion, I can't even play the SP campaign in TW2. I started it up, and it took what, like an hour just to get free from the seemingly perpetual cut-scenes and dialogue.

Then I hit the open world, and I realized immediately, that the only potentially redeeming quality will be Multiplayer. Fortunately, that is rock-solid good MP RPG times, so I'm happy with it.

I guess it's just hard for me to accept single player graphics that aren't up to the standard set by Oblivion. That, and I read the massive article in the last Game Informer, about ESV: Skyrim. OMFG, I'm gonna lose some sleep on that title for sure.

Anyway, cheers and good luck locking down those Trophies!

Yeah, Skyrim looks to be great.

And cheers mate, I'll need a larger community over luck though.
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