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<<<Ranks, Points, Fonts, & Emotion Icons>>>

Hello Call of Duty: Black Ops forum users. The following thread is to guide you on the ranking system and the the effects users have the ability to implement when posting. This thread is a compilation of threads written by the following users: daHawk, ...::Smiley EmbarassedDRAGON(UK), whose profiles will be respectively posted at the bottom, in case you would like to rate and thank the users. I myself edited out a few sentences, corrected diction, and added a few lines for the sole purpose to make this thread flow better.



Let's begin with ranks.

There are a total of 21 ranks on the Call of Duty Headquarters website. Here is a list of ranks and experience points required:

  • Private 0-99 XP
  • Private First Class 100-999 XP
  • Lance Corporal 1000-1999 XP
  • Corporal 2000-2999 XP
  • Sergeant 3000-3999 XP
  • Staff Sergeant 4000-4999 XP
  • Gunnery Sergeant 5000-5999 XP
  • Master Sergeant 6000-6999 XP
  • First Sergeant 7000-7999 XP
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant 8000-8999 XP
  • Sergeant Major 9000-9999 XP
  • 2nd Lieutenant 10000-12499 XP
  • 1st Lieutenant 12500-14499 XP
  • Captain 15000-17499 XP
  • Major 17500-19999 XP
  • Lieutenant Colonel 20000-22499 XP
  • Colonel 22500-24999 XP
  • Brigadier General 25000-27499 XP
  • Major General 27500-29999 XP
  • Lieutenant General 30000-34999 XP
  • General 35000+ XP

Avatar Sets:

Basic - Up to Corporal (and above)

Advanced – Sergeant to Master Sergeant (and above)

Expert – First Sergeant to Sergeant Major (and above)

Master – 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel (and above) [unavailable]

Special Ops – Colonel to General [unavailable]

*Community Moderators have specially designed avatars and they are equally ranked and should be respected like everyone else. Moderators are rated as:

Special Operations Command, 3rd Recon Battalion Community Administrators Enlisted (Overseas)

Special Operations Command, 2st Recon Battalion Community Administrators Enlisted (East Coast)

Special Operations Command, 1st Recon Battalion Community Administrators Enlisted (West Coast)

Special Operations Command MARSOC, Super Administrators

Community Manager:





Community Moderators and Administrators:





    carbonfibah [code:b8h1mdsb]http://callofduty.com/codww/profile/2455051

    KillaMonkey [code:b8h1mdsb]http://callofduty.com/codww/profile/5629417

    Cutpurse [code:b8h1mdsb]http://www.callofduty.com/CoDWW/profile/3223963/stats/

    CoDBlackIce [code:b8h1mdsb]http://www.callofduty.com/codww/profile/3226592

    SparkyMcSparks [code:b8h1mdsb]http://callofduty.com/codww/profile/2407883

    CHEFS- no longer active

    ***Real Moderators will never ask for any personal information or your password***



    Now let's move on to how rank up.

    - Be creative. Don't repeat/steal topics from others.

    - Use the search function. It will prevent you from violating number one.

    - Use friendly thinking. Don't go around flaming others. Try to use behavior that will want people to be your friend. Simply put, be mature as you should be, and be respectful. The best way to endorse this is to of course read the Code of Conduct.

    - Use topics relative to the game. Anything else is reallly off topic. Try to look at game parts, and attack and or compliment them.

    Now for the gist of how to easily rank up.


    - Each thread and post on these forums will give you points.

    - Each post is worth 2 points.

    - Each thread is worth 7 points.

    - The more familiar you get with these forums, the more friend requests you will recieve. This results in more points.


    - When you rate/ get rated you will recieve points, the exact amount for some rating isnt figured out yet.

    - Ratings are based on averages, gained from the amount of stars another user gives you.

    obviously if you are rated positively, your rating goes up, if you are rated negatively, your rating goes down

    *note that you recieve the same amount for each rating (1-5)

    - 5-starred threads will give you a big jump in points. (5 star threads=50 points)

    - You can rate reputations at Lance Corporol level

    - You can rate threads at Sergeant level (see my CODHQ rank breakdown)

    - Reputations are a little different than threads. This rank stays with you on your avatar until you are rated down/up

    Friends List

    - For every friend request you send/accept, you recieve points.

    - You get 10 points for accepting or sending a friend request. (~TopFighter)

    - Add friends if you like what they say or if you want to battle it out online.

    - Friends will rate your threads/profile if they like what you have to offer.





    Some fun and color for the fans.

    If you wish to post in colors other than the default ones which are here on the web site all you have to do is either HIGHLIGHT the word / sentence / paragraph you want and select the FONT COLOR option on the top of the entry box and select any color and just replace the color code with any of the below color code of your choice or you can just type in [/color=#inhere] at the begining of the words you want colored and then type [/color] at the end , Remember to replace the #inhere with the HEX color code of your choice.

    #FFFFFF #FFFFCC #FFFF99 #FFFF66 #FFFF33 #FFFF00 #FFCCFF #FFCCCC #FFCC99 #FFCC66 #FFCC33 #FFCC00 #FF99FF #FF99CC #FF9999 #FF9966 #FF9933 #FF9900 #FF66FF #FF66CC #FF6699 #FF6666 #FF6633 #FF6600 #FF33FF #FF33CC #FF3399 #FF3366 #FF3333 #FF3300 #FF00FF #FF00CC #FF0099 #FF0066 #FF0033 #FF0000 #9900FF #9900CC #990099 #990066 #990033 #990000 #0066FF #0066CC #006699 #006666 #006633 #006600 #33FFFF #33FFCC #33FF99 #33FF33 #33FF00

    Another, sometimes more simple way, is to just type in the color you want.

    => RED

    => YELLOW

    => GREEN

    => BLUE

    => PURPLE

    => PINK

    => CYAN

    => GOLD

    => GRAY

    => BLACK

    => WHITE


    => ORANGE

    => DARK RED



    => DARK BLUE



    => HOT PINK

    You get the idea, use your imagination! The rainbow is endless.

    Also whilst we are posting we thought we would show you how to do smiley faces and emoticons as well so here we go , As you can see below there are all the smiley faces and emoticons for this forum and all you have to do is remove the * that i have placed in the smiley code and remember the : are part of the smiley code so do include them.

    Have fun from me and coney.

    = :*) = :*( = :*? = :*D Smiley Tongue = :*P = ;*) Smiley Surprised = :*o = :*x :shock: = :*shock:

    = :*oops: = :*cry: = :*evil: = :*twisted: = :*roll: = :*| = :*mrgreen: = :*geek:

    = :*ugeek: = :*gunnin: = :*thumbsup: = :*thumbsdown: = :*leftarrow: = :*^:

    = :*^^: = :*arrow:

    = :*idea: = :*?: = :*!: :bravo:= :*bravo: Smiley Surprisedfftopic: = :*offtopic: :tankguy:= :*tankguy: :clan: = :*clan:

    Have fun and remember to support each other especially on callofduty.com, Only by helping each other and learning do we grow as people and players.


    ...::Smiley EmbarassedDRAGON(UK)



    *Tips for Making a Thread*

    First, before you make you post USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION.

    Chances are there is already a thread that covers what you want to talk about. You can then offer your support and gauge the community's reaction to the idea. I think that some people feel that if THEY make a new post about the idea then Treyarch is going to use it and they get a special prize and will become a legend in the annals of COD Forum history. This is not the case. What is going to happen is your repeat thread is going to get a chorus of people telling you to use the search function or it will just be ignored. Please at least look at the first page and try not to repeat a topic that is already there unless you have something profound to offer.

    A thread similar to this one already exists, but not in the Xbox 360 forum. I know because I used the search function. Need help with that? Look here:


    Second, is your suggestion objective, or is it something that will benefit only people who play like you?

    If you want to see an example of this look no further than the countless threads about making sniper rifles always be a one hit kill, and about camping. The people who post these suggestion do so because they get frustrated when their play style isn't as effective as they want it to be. They want the game to have built in advantages that satisfy them and penalize players who play differently. You will find that most of these ideas are shot down rather quickly, and for good reason. Before you post something, take a moment and ask yourself why you really want this feature changed. If you think that it is because you keep getting killed by people who are using another strategy, then you should probably think about devising a new one rather than begging to have the game changed to make your existing strategy work better.

    Third, have I taken the time to check my grammar and spelling?

    I understand that some of us are better writers than others, and that some people have difficulty expressing their thoughts in writing. However, computers are great tools that have many useful features, including programs that offer spell check and even some basic grammar assistance. You might have the best idea in the world, but if it looks like it was written by an 8 year old with ADD then it's not going to be received well by the community. Well written posts are also less likely to get sarcastic and demeaning responses.

    Fourth, can I take criticism and will I be upset if people disagree?

    You may think you have a great idea, but others may not think the same. Since this is a public forum you will get a mixture of people who agree and disagree with what you have posted. If you can't handle someone telling you that your idea was bad, then you don't need to post it. Getting defensive when people don't agree is a sure way to make people stop supporting you. If someone disagrees then feel free to make a constructive counter-argument to what they say, or just ignore them. Some people will simply post 'Bad Idea" in your thread to illicit a response from you. How you respond to these criticisms and arguments will make a difference in people's opinion on your idea, and on you.

    Fifth, am I presenting too many ideas at once?

    There is a good chance that if you have a wish list, it will contain several things that have already been discussed even if it has some great ideas in it. There are already a few wish list threads that are going strong, so yours will not compete with those. Check them out first, and offer your opinion on the ideas in them. If you have new material that is not covered, then that is what you should post, and nothing else. People might see one or two ideas that they like but they will quickly forget after reading through 5 that are repeats and two that they think are bad.

    If you try to follow these guidelines before you post then you will have a better shot at making a long running and constructive thread. You might have suggestions on how to fix something, or a new idea altogether. Either way, it is important to make sure you present you ideas in a way that the community can understand them and respond to them.

    Thanks for reading!


    ii darkshadow oO



    Once again, special thanks to the following members.



    ...::Smiley EmbarassedDRAGON(UK)


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Thanks for this, maybe all those new guys will quit asking stupid questions. 5*
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daNo0b wrote:


- Each thread is worth 7 points.

this guy has no idea what he is talking about!

but in all honesty, i have no idea if that is true.

i guess it is, i just cant remember.

we might need to find out and update this thread.

who knows what happened to this system when they updated the forums.
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Abused_Mongoose wrote:


Thanks for this, maybe all those new guys will quit asking stupid questions. 5*

I hope so.
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I believe each post is worth 2 pts
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Abused_Mongoose wrote:


I believe each post is worth 2 pts

yeah, we know that much.
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All the guides, informational topics and other helpful things need to get stickied. It would cut back on stupid threads, hopefully.
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what level or amount of experience do you unlock the different levels of customization for your avater,

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daHawk wrote:


cant have this on the second page with this amount of traffic.

TopFighter wrote:


Sneak bump!

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Great thread!
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