"Red Names", Aim Assist, and Spawning...(Stealth Discussion)

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Just a quick note before starting, the "Spawning" isn't in reference to generally bad spawns. We're all aware at how atrocious previous games have been at spawning. This is about something else. I don't really expect everyone to read it, but whatever, just typing it up out of annoyance.

These 3 things in the title are something I've been meaning to talk about for a few, and after playing some WaW last night, decided to just say it. Starting with Red Name Tags/Crosshairs:

Why are we still using these to identify enemies? There is no reason at all the game should be highlighting people's positions in red. People aren't stupid. As bad as some of the CoD community appears, I have yet to see someone ever actually question "Who is the enemy.". We have a way of identifying them already, they're the ones WITHOUT a name. Teammates appear with Green Names all the time. So there for, logically, you shoot anyone WITHOUT a name. There should be no confusion about that.

My biggest gripe about the Red Names, and what I'm going to discuss next, has to do with Stealth. In MW2 they made a (slight) improvement to it by making Cold Blooded Pro hide your name. So you could effectively sneak by, and if someone pointed their crosshairs in a bush where you were hiding, they wouldn't highlight... but that more or less only stopped the amateur players from seeing you. Most other players utilized.....

Aim Assist. I know that for some strange reason, many people are of the opinion that Console Players are physically incapable of aiming our weapons.. and that without Aim Assist, we wouldn't even be able to hit the floor if we were laying on it. I don't know where that rumor got started, or why its even still around, but it is. And its one of the biggest annoyances in gaming for me. I realize we have the ability to turn it off for ourselves... but the enemy still has it. We can't turn theirs off.

Even more, it seems to have a slight effect through walls..which means experienced players can tell if someone is in a building purely by running close to it. I've done this myself a few times and killed an enemy who otherwise should have been hidden. All because the Aim Assist let me know for that briefest of moments, that someone was on the other side.

Look, we console players aren't as helpless as people would have you believe. We can aim our guns, and don't require a massive crutch.... well most of us anyway. I'm aware that there are some really bad players out there that need it. But they will never get any better as long as the game is doing the work for them.

Do us Stealthy Players and Experienced players a favor, and remove Aim Assist COMPLETELY. Because I know that won't happen, I would at least like to ask that if a player is using Cold Blooded/UAV Jammer/Camouflage/whatever, disable the Aim Assist on that player so that you can't lock onto them.

Those 2 above things hurt Stealth Based Game Play alot. You can't sneak around because the enemy will either have their crosshairs drag a little bit, or your name will be highlighted, giving away your position. And if by some fluke you manage to not be seen, there is still 1 last problem that hurts Stealth Players like myself...

Spawning. Specifically, Team Mates spawning right next to you. This was really bad in World at War last night. So many times I went out of my way to flank the enemy, and just as I got into position, 1 or 2 teammates would spawn on me and start firing, not only stealing my kills, but telling everyone else "Look over there!". When I flank and play with Stealth, I utilize a Silencer. My teammates don't. Its annoying. They also don't utilize strategy or tactics while playing. This got me killed a few times over last night.

There needs to be some kind of method for telling the game "Do not spawn teammates on me.". Unless there is not a safe spot to be had on the map, I don't want teammates spawning right next to me, giving away my ambush. When successful, there are times I've racked up a 10 streak in a matter of just a couple minutes.

So for the sake of creating better players, and helping Stealth Based Play, please fix these problems. Stop Providing people with Crutches that aren't needed, and make Stealth a viable tactic.

http://community.callofduty.com/thread/100266801 - This Thread provides a great point as to exactly why Red Names need to go.
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I agree with most things, though I'll comment on what I don't agree on.

Regarding Aim Assist, I don't think you understand truly how important it is.

Now, I do agree that there can be too much aim assist. And Aim Assist has its flaws (Such as the ones you mentioned regarding aim assist through walls, which has happened, lolz).

But all console games, IMO, do need a tad bit of Auto Aim. And Call of Duty is no exception. For those who don't own a pair, I highly recommend you get FPS Kontrol Freek extended joysticks. When you first put them on, you recognize how truly bad stand alone joysticks are for FPS games.

For those who think Aim Assist doesn't make a big difference, and isn't needed. Do a private match, friendly fire ON, and just teammkill with your friends. I guarantee you'll notice a difference.

Everything else I agree on though.
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Sane Hedrone wrote:


For those who think Aim Assist doesn't make a big difference, and isn't needed. Do a private match, friendly fire ON, and just teammkill with your friends. I guarantee you'll notice a difference.

Everything else I agree on though.

I know that there are some people who need it. But I have actually done that exact thing. When I would host the Speed Lobbies, we'd do TDM with Friendly Fire just so that we could kill each other if we needed to. I honestly didn't see any difference between shooting them, and shooting enemies (Other than the obvious "sticking" that happens). I mean granted, I've played games for 18+ years, but still.

I think its overrated.. and if what you say is true regarding that type of controller you mentioned, then clearly its just a hardware issue, and something console manufacturers should work on, as opposed to making games worse by adding it in.
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I hardly even notice the red names anymore
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IconoclastTS wrote:


I hardly even notice the red names anymore

In typical every day gameplay you probably won't notice them. But if you play stealth alot, and play against stealth players alot, you'll start to notice the red names and how they affect your gameplay.
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The name thing is almost a cheat in a sense i was on Derail playing SnD on offense and i came up to the eletrical area and i pointed my cross through the tarp and fence and i seen someones name so i killed him. If it wasnt for the red name and auto aim i wouldnt have known he was there i didnt even see him.
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i hate auto aim when i am sniping. you know you have your scope on another sniper THEN his teammate walks in front of your scope moving it out of position and you die because of that.
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stealth... my favorite style (except for stealth run n' gun).

i shoot whoever doesn't have names above him. i've wasted tons of bullets on teammates, who call themselves ',. and such.

aim assist is part of the game. it can be fixed like in MW1 training zone: snap the camera when entering ADS. no reticule attraction.
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I like stealth a lot too but in BO2 you kinda have to (unless playing Hardcore) to stay of the radar. But if I had played MW2 before it was hacked I would be a scout sniper.

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I agree completely.
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