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wouldnt it be cool if you were able to record your game and bein able to watch it after you finish to see where you messed up or could improve your game
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Hey, bro.

It is definitely cool to record games for reviewing games result. I am always recording games by TuneFab Screen Recorder and checking what is wrong with my game playing.  You can have a try!


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Amazing idea. I've tried to record games with Joyoshare Screen Recorder. Really very good. I can see a lot of mistakes that i shouldn't have made. So i can do better next time. 

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I enjoy playing games and listen to the game music. I don't need to record the entire screen, so I got the DRmare song recorder for mac to help you extract beautiful songs from game. It works great and I recommend it. 

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I can't agree with you more. It's a great idea to improve game skills and learn more from competitors. 

For me, I prefer to record chats from games with the help of Audio Capture Mac and listen to those audios on my portable devices when I have time. 

It's more convenient to listen to audios instead of watching videos. Do you agree with me also? 

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