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server disconnected

Hi, I am getting the following error on COD 4 and COD Modern Warfare

"Server Disconnected"

Everything worked fine until I went online and got an update.

I usually play system link with 3 xbox 360's and wanted to download new maps, when I downloaded the new maps it also downloaded and update. This forced me to get the update for all 3 consoles. Each console had me recover my gamertag so I can get the updates. I now have my gamertag on all 3 of my machines as well as all the latest updates.

I have played system link with all 3 xboxes for a month now and never had a problem, after the update I now can't play system link for any COD game, I however can do system link for my other games. I am looking forward to modern warfare 3 but need to get this fixed before I buy 3 copies of the newest COD.

I have connected all 3 consoles to a router that is NOT connected to anything else

Please help
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