weekend warrior issues

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Really annoyed right now that i cant join in the weekend warrior as im in the uk how bad si that

scared let us in i bet for showing u lot up
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iknow im english when im up late on the ps3 all you hear is the americans moanin about juggernaut and stopin power there like o take of jugarnaut coz i cant kill you but juggarnaut does nothin unless you have stoppin power when im on in the day no 1 complains about juggernaut and in the day the miost kills ive got t 35 in the night against the americans is 54 co they6 r shit thats y hey dont want us in their weekend warrior coz we piss on them coz all the americans do is get beat in every war you play ww2 games and its like america won the war they didn notin they were as hopeles as the f5rench all the americans are good for is gettin beat (vietnam) and killin english soldiers (every war)
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it's lame how it's only open to U.S cuz im probley better then most people and we candaens should have the right to pwn the US people in weekend warrior
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You guys outside the US really need to get out more often so you can complain about something else....I mean, complaining about how Americans complain?? Get a grip...
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