zombies clue found :)

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DeathByPenguin wrote:


I can confirm for you that their will be zombies mode in Black Ops

I don't think sally and the tallys are anything to do with zombies just someone counting their kills and as others have said it's probably the name of the gun aswell

LOL you can confirm? thats funny. And sally is the gun name, roman numerals are used 4 counting (kills with gun or rounds in zombies) doesnt hint anything. and the voice actor is voicing 'ZOMBIE' not ZOMBIES. Its a nickname for a soldier.

Its all just wishful thinking at the moment, was hoping this new trailer would clear things up, but all its done is make things worse. Dont get your hopes up untill you see any real video proof of zombies.
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well spotted.

maybe they'll bring old crew from der riese to vietnam.

anyway i hope they'll be some story line with the zombies.
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but will the zombie mode continue where we left or will the have a whole new story
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There'll be zombies for sure. Treyarch's not dumb (and they sent out the GKnova6 packages to sites dedicated to zombies)
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zombies will 100% be there
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supatroopa0 wrote:


how do u make a avatar?

You have to go to My Account, but you can't do it just now. The site's being updated and the page doesn't work yet.
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busa180 wrote:


Uh... man i believe SALLY is the name of the gun and the tallys are the amount of kills he has with the gun...

14 kills, thats pretty good for real life, especially using a pistol; in the game though we'd get 100s no doubt lol, it'd be boring otherwise though.
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zeldafan11 wrote:


Nope, they won't have zombies, they hate their community so they won't give us NZ's...


Sally is probably the name of Dr. Max's daughter that says things in NZ's. I believe they will have Zombies in some way or form.

nope.. dr max's daughters name is Samantha
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MaddMudd wrote:


I can tell you that if this game does not have zombies and is favoring X360 with DLC like MW2 then I'd rather get MOF FFS... why does COD have to ride XBOX jock?

You will find Activision suck MS off for money, Treyarch like to keep their entire community happy, so only way XBOX gets exclusives is if Kotick gets his magic wand out. Treyarch would keep zombies as it would cripple them in their attempt to leapfrog IW.
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oo yeh its the same font as zombies form World at War. well spotted
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