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CALLOFDUTY!!!!! wrote:


my friend said that there will be a wonder waffes on the wall in the new nazi zombies map ( aka map pac 4) will there be a map pac 4 for waw

map pack 4 is called Call Of Duty: Black Ops. it comes with a new story, new maps, new weapons, and possibly even new zombie mode w/ new maps.

dont u think they would have made a 4th one already?
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notches on the gun named SALLY indicate number of kills (common sense) and not the nazi zombies level indicator, you are all clutching at straws and its not good to spread rumors that might get peoples hopes up, doubtfuly gonna be a zombie mode.its just not probable seeing as they could have done something similar with mw2 but didn't. i think zombies is dead. no pun intended
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zeldafan11 wrote:


Nope, they won't have zombies, they hate their community so they won't give us NZ's...


Sally is probably the name of Dr. Max's daughter that says things in NZ's. I believe they will have Zombies in some way or form.

Wrong the dr. Max's daughter was name Samantha or SAM not Sally but nice try
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Maybe the name of the kid that laughs when the Box of Goodies goes away and the teddy bear shows up?

Or maybe it could be an Acronym for the new zombie project as this game takes place what....20 years after WaW? Maybe the doctor had a new kid.....or it just be that Dempsey has a Sally and he's marking how many kills it will take him to see her again
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actually iy could be many fings but i hope its a clue to zombies as zombies kicks a***
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this could also mean dual wielding =\ idk about that
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i think that eather its how many kills or how many rounds like in cod waw it and the lines for rounds up 2 like 9
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uhm, wasnt sally richtofen(the german dude)'s daughter? I thought i heard it in one of those radios
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brandon971 wrote:


uhm, wasnt sally richtofen(the german dude)'s daughter? I thought i heard it in one of those radios

sam or samantha. not sally.
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dhaddix1 wrote:


what do you mean those marks are from WaW?... please tell more.. thanks

haha yes boys we have the drunk russian back! lets go zombies and the marks from W@W were the //// witch is the round markings from round 1-9 look like he was in round 8 then timed out lol!
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