zombies clue found :)

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good find. this is a wild stab in the dark...but Sally Kristen Ride was the first american women to fly in space in 1983(during the cold war), this could relate to the space shuttle seen in the videos? :???: as for the tally marks i am uncertain
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well i here there isnt gonna be any zombies but nombies
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MaddMudd wrote:


I can tell you that if this game does not have zombies and is favoring X360 with DLC like MW2 then I'd rather get MOF FFS... why does COD have to ride XBOX jock?

the only reason(crap)box gets the DLC stuff on modern warfare 2 before ps3 is (crap) box payed like $100,000 to keep thier players from going to ps3. the main reason for this is both systems are the same pretty much except that (crap) box you have to pay for online there is no diferences i've played both


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Lol True I mean Nazi Zombies was the only reason I bought WaW and also becuase of the MP
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good find. though it could be for many possible reasons. sally could be a person in the story who was taken a PoW and the etchings are how many days or months she (maybe even he) was held captive. who knows? except you know treyarch...
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ok i think everyone just needs to calm down, i would say there will definatly be zombies UNLESS there is some kind of law of copyright or sueing going on becuase of it. it was just too succesful for them to leave out, plus this is activision were talking about, the money grabbing whore of a development company who will do anything for money and NZ was a great money maker and they'll probably make zombie specified DLC expensive becuase everyone would want it. the marks on the guns will most likely be about his kills and his guns name but good idea anyway and lets hope for the best and a fair (but unlikely) release date and exclusivity for PS3, PC, and sh1tbox360.

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dont you remember on the pc waw zombie mod they have a gun named dirty sally and is the colt upgraded in der riese
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I saw these markings too and wondered the same thing. Though I think it is more likely that it is that weapons kills...

However it could be a clue for zombies as well. To be honest, Treyarch would lose many fans if the zombie mode was not in Black Ops, and so I think that they will include zombies or some other horde mode game. I was very disappointed in MW2 where the only horde missions were the Sniper Fi and Estate Takedown Spec Ops missions and to be honest, they were not even a speck of dust on zombies.
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you guy s are all stupid Zombies are confirmed
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motox24 wrote:


you guy s are all stupid Zombies are confirmed

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