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PC port request (Please read, Somebody Important) [open letter, sort of]

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PC port request (Please read, Somebody Important) [open letter, sort of]

This is a post I first poseted on facebook.  Could you guys (Activision, Cauldron, whatever) please read and consider it?  As I mention below there are a good many people I've talked to who said they wanted this and would support it.

"So yeah, Activision, here’s my request that I talked about earlier.

Could you guys please release Big Game Hunter 2010 and Dangerous Hunts 2011 on PC?  (It doesn't even have to be a physical version, at very least on steam.)  They are both incredibly good games, really, and I happen to know that BGH 2010 already has an internal PC version! (and I believe that DH2011 does as well, but I’m not sure on that one).  I could understand why, back when those games were released, PC may not have been an attractive platform.  But now, two things: 1) you’ve got steam (significantly better than it was then, for one thing), and 2) PC gaming for the last year or so has been getting increasingly popular.  Besides, as I said, BGH 2010 already has a PC version.  How much money would it really cost to bring that to steam? I’ve asked a few people about this and have gotten nothing back but positive responses back – especially from those who don’t own consoles.  For myself, I’d like to get rid of my 360 and put it towards a better graphics card (gtx 460 is nice, but a 660/660ti would be sooo much better), but I’d rather not have to do without these two games.

If you did then, I would just as ask a few things for them.

At very least this:

"Both receive 1) texture RESOLUTION upgrades (not changes to the actual textures.  I hate the new textures/art style – besides, this would be easier), 2) have all the very basic graphics options (MSAA [or at least like, SMAA, or even FXAA if we could then downsample], screen res., AF, draw distance, vegetation distance, no fps cap (hate those, but V-sync is fine), model texture, FUR EFFECTS (would be so cool), etc.), 3) proper mouse control (not crappy: meaning the option to turn of mouse acceleration) and the option to use a controller would be nice, 4) steam achievements would be awesome, and 5) I would say $20 for the price, since that sounds pretty fair, but I’d pay $30 (one now, and another later in that case) if some of the below was added (bundle being each for $25 and all that jazz too would be cool).

Also, the ability to skip cutscenes – at LEAST on the second playthrough – would REALLLLLY be appreciated!!! (After having played the game a couple times, I’m pretty well acquainted with the story.  Just let me get to the game).

(At very, very least DH2011, but I suggested 2010 because it’s already on PC that I know positively.)

"PRETTY SHORT HUH?  Not a huge request, but then there is this:

"This now would be nice, but the above at least is fine (but, like I said I’d pay like, full price for this.):

The following series of request(s) are progressive – a “at least this, but then THIS would be nice, and if you could get this two, that would be cool,” kind of thing.

DH2011’s difficulty should be changed:  basically, normal stays the same, hard stays the same except it retains the whole “hair away from death” QTE (ya know, so people can get the achiev-o-blob of that name, without having to play on normal.  Maybe you could edit it so that it doesn’t give quite so much health back when completed), and then a new mode (“hardcore,” or whatever, I don’t care), which instead of becoming harder than “hard” simply has far more animals to deal with at a given time (that’s what I’m really looking forward to :-P).  More (steam) achievements (the ones on consoles transitioned to steam with some new ones since there aren’t a whole lot right now) for doing things like “beating hardcore mode” would be a great bonus. Oh, and new names for the difficulty modes would be cool (tenderfoot, seasoned, etc.).  But PLEASE, leave the main game alone (like, mechanical-wise: no jumping or sprinting ability, no animal respawns, etc.  These were things, actually, though I’m not sure how to explain why, that made DH 2011 great).

Some added DirectX 11 features would be nice (tessellation, especially, so those trees’ branches don’t look so choppy, etc.), but not a deal breaker.  TressFX, PhysX, etc. would be cool as well, but not a big deal at all.

Also, since it’s been so long for the PC port, a “director’s cut” of both DH2011 and BGH 2010 would be great and fitting since we “waited so long” (mainly because they were short is the reason for the actual addition I’m listing.).  Cut animals or levels being added back would be awesome.  Funny, I would so like it more in DH, but BGH would probably be easier to add to since it has, well, no story whatsoever that would need to be adjusted at all to fit them back in.  I’m not saying re-haul the whole thing of DH (I can dream lol), but just a few added levels or at least weapons and animals and stuff.  They could be separate bonus levels (though I would hope they would be substantial in length – like story level length), that are related/non-related to the story.  You could even release these as DLC after or around release.  Please don’t change the textures and engine models and things though.  I really, really dislike the new art style (BGH 2012 and DH 2013), and changing, for example, the wolves in DH to their newer counterparts would absolutely destroy the scariness of that level (let’s face it, the new ones just look…tame compared to the old ones).  Besides, not changing much would be easier and cost less, so, yeah: just go with it. Gun animations in DH2011 would be nice, but please, GIVE US THE OPTION OF GETTING RID OF THEM (in HUD options, I suppose).  I don’t know why, but not having the gun animation to distract me made the experience so much more immersive.  Also, if guns WERE added, an FOV slider would be nice.

"Here’s what I would really like, though.  A new maneater mode:  with split-screen and LAN!!!!! (online too) co-op please.  4 player co-op over LAN/online?  Heck yeah!  Maps would need to be bigger though (than in 2013), which is fine with me.  And since it’s PC only, can you guys make them harder with more like 20 rounds.  Completely new maps (with that same art style and textures of DH2011) would be nice.   I’d be satisfied with three maps, really.  I’m sure other people would say five minimum, but I really don’t care.  You could even sell the two other maps (5 – 3=2) as DLC, and I wouldn’t care at all.  Just give us the content.  The reason I ask for exclusive content for the PC version is because (assuming you guys don’t release DH2013’s DLC for steam, since Cauldron told me that is not happening), it would, well, only be fair.  Besides, since it “took so long” for the PC version to be released, I think some extra content would be fitting – especially for advertising.

"Like I said, at least the first “at least” part is all I really need.  But I most certainly do not discourage the second part!  –  Especially if what I say in the last paragraph were true.

"I showed this to a few people a bit before posting it, and they all said “Great, go ahead.” Two of them said that it’d be great because they don’t want to lose these too particular games and a digital PC version pretty much ensures “immortality” to a game. I thought that was very true. Someday, my 360’ll break down and the discs’ll get scratched, and I still want access to these games (actually, I’d like to sell it like I said earlier).  Be sure to advertise these games though, please, if only a few things on steam.  I’d hate for them to not get any sales because nobody knew they existed.  One friend who bought Hunting Expeditions did so because he did not know it was even on steam a month after it came out (he bought it immediately btw).   Especially advertise that these games have exclusive content by, ya know, giving them subtitles like “Hardcore Edition” or whatever and “Features Exclusive content!” and everything – but of course you guys know all about that.

"Man, that was a long post again!  Arg… Anyway, I’ve tried to stay well within the realms of possibility with my request.  When would it be released?  Anytime! I don’t care if I have to wait until this time next year (so they don’t compete with the other Cabela’s games coming out, presumably, this and next year).  Hey, come to think of it: since the next gen is coming this fall (or, slightly possibly, next year), you could also release DH2011 (the version with all the stuff I listed) on them!  Especially since the ps4 is confirmed to not have backwards compatibility (therefore the ps3 version would be inaccessible to most people, because, let’s face it, most people do not have the bandwidth, let alone a stable internet connection for Gaikai), and the Xbox has a pretty good chance of not having it (at least not natively), it’d be great to have that option for some people and would make it easier to advertise.  Plus, it would probably help justify the cost of adding the extra stuff I listed.  A PC version, however, is all I’d ask for.  It certainly looks profitable based on what I’ve heard from people when asked about it."

That's about it.  I really wish you guys would read it. 

Thanks in advance,

Paul Jones

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