A Scavenger’s Field Guide to Blackout

There’s a lot of gear lying around the Blackout map. We help you make sense of it all.

By Call of Duty Staff on September 6, 2018
Level 12

As soon as your feet hit the ground in your first Blackout Beta match, everybody has the same realization – I need to find some stuff. That’s not a knock on your fists. You’d just be much better off not bringing them to a fire fight. Quickly finding quality gear is a top priority for everyone, therefore you can expect some fierce engagements shortly after touch-down in areas of concentrated gear. Those early engagements have the potential to end your round before you even really get a chance to get started. And who wants that?

Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge that allows you to quickly prioritize things when your boots are finally on the ground. Blackout barrages you with in-game decisions and, with these guideposts, you’ll be better equipped to make them confidently.

pistol.jpgWhere Things Are

In short, they’re mostly inside. Searching inside homes, tents, warehouses, trailers, tarps, hedge mazes, on roofs and pretty much any place that isn’t out in the open is a decent spot to find gear. It’s random, so don’t expect to find the exact same weapon in the exact same spot every match. You’ll find many players tend to drop into areas with a high concentration of buildings because more buildings mean more places you’re likely to find loot. Deciding where you drop in has plenty of its own nuances Just understand that in order to be competitive, you’ve gotta find a structure to loot without worrying about getting taken down from behind. Without gear, your fists will only take you so far.

Perk Timing

Perks in Blackout play differently than they do in Multiplayer. Like any other piece of gear, you find them lying around. However, when you find them, you have to select when you activate them. Not only that, but once they’re activated, they’re on a timer. Different Perks last for different lengths of time, so it’s up to you how you selectively deploy them. Most of these Perks you’ll recognize from Multiplayer and they still perform the same functions – Lightweight makes you faster and protects you from fall damage, Gung-Ho allows you to fire your weapon and use equipment while sprinting, recover from sprinting faster and move at full speed while reloading. But, there are a few Blackout-specific Perks that come in extremely handy.

  • Stimulant – raises your max health by 100
  • Medic – Heal yourself and your allies faster, those you revive regain more health. Lasts two minutes
  • Consumer – reduce all cast times by 20%
  • Outlander – reduce damage from circle, increase your speed. Lasts two minutes.

Style Points 

You’re limited in how much loot you can carry at once, so space is precious. The things you keep and the things you leave behind are slinger.jpgimportant choices every player must make. Those choices depend on a lot of things, but they largely depend on how you like to engage your opponents. Managing your engagements so they go down on your terms is an important skill, but having the right weapons to support your playstyle is even more important. Want to ambush people from a closet? Shotguns and the Dead Silence Perk are must-haves. Prefer to stalk your enemies from afar and pick them off at a distance? Scoped Rifles and the Skulker Perk are likely your most sought-after items. Want to run-n-gun? SMGs and Gung-Ho are likely your thing. Coordinating with your quad-mates goes a long way towards determining what each of your roles will be. Knowing what you want to do has the extra benefit of teaching you what kind of gear you can ignore. If you never use Grenades, why carry them?

Universally Useful

Independent of playstyle and your individual role on your Quad, it’s important to know what loot is helpful to any player. While you certainly can end up the last player alive through any sort of tactic, some fundamentals are usually common among successful Blackout players. First, you’ll want some Armor – the higher the level, the better. Attacks can and will come from anywhere and Armor gives you extra time to find cover and return fire. Second, you’ll want a Med or First Aid kit. Any sort of ability to recover health is enormously helpful to win multiple engagements in rapid succession or to take out a Duo or Quad of opponents. Third, you’ll want a scope. Not only will this give you a bit of range on whatever weapon it’s attached to, it enhances your ability to spy on faraway enemies and areas. Getting a closer look at a situation means you’re more likely to accurately assess it which means your next move is more likely to be a smart one. Fourth, you’ll want a Backpack. Why? It doubles the amount of things you can carry. More gear means more options and that means more ways for you to out-flank, out-smart and out-play your opponents. Remember, the best gear doesn’t always win, but it ***** sure helps.